Stuck in Safe Mode on Android? Here’s Your Rescue Plan

Safe mode is an Android feature that starts your phone in a limited state, with only the original apps and services. It helps you troubleshoot problems on your phone by disabling any apps or services that may be causing issues. However, sometimes your Android Stuck in Safe Mode won’t exit back to normal mode.

Fixes For Android Stuck in Safe Mode

Here are some tips to try and fix an Android phone stuck in safe mode.

  • Understand What Causes Safe Mode
  • Boot into Safe Mode Manually
  • Uninstall Recently Added Apps
  • Check for System App Updates
  • Wipe Cache Partition
  • Factory Reset as a Last Resort
  • Get Professional Help

Going To The Depth

Proper Explanation for every solution  is provided below:

Understand What Causes Android Stuck in Safe Mode

understanding the main cause Android Stuck in Safe Mode

Safe mode is triggered automatically when certain system errors or problems are detected. Some common causes include:

  • Installing an incompatible or buggy app
  • System file corruption
  • Hardware failure or issues
  • Full storage space

Understanding what may have triggered safe mode can give you clues on how to exit it. If you recently installed an app before safe mode, that app could be the issue.

Boot into Safe Mode Manually

If your phone is stuck in safe mode, try rebooting it manually into safe mode. This essentially restarts the phone from scratch which may resolve any software issues.

To manually boot into safe mode:

  • Press and hold the Power button
  • choose power-off option
  • Tap “OK” when prompted to restart in safe mode

Let your phone fully restart into safe mode, then restart it normally again.

Uninstall Recently Added Apps

If your phone entered safe mode after you installed new apps, uninstalling them may fix the issue.

Go into Settings > Apps and notifications and uninstall any apps you downloaded just before the phone entered safe mode. The offending app could be causing a conflict that triggers safe mode.

After uninstalling, restart your phone normally to check if safe mode persists. If not, the recently added app was likely the culprit.

Check for System App Updates

look for updates

Out-of-date system apps could also be triggering your phone to go into safe mode.

Go into Settings > System > System update to check for any pending updates.

Install all available updates, focusing on any system app updates first. If an outdated pre-installed app was causing issues, this could resolve it. Restart after updating to see if your phone exits safe mode.

Wipe Cache Partition for Android Stuck in Safe Mode


Wiping your cache partition clears out corrupted system files that may be causing trouble. To wipe cache:

  1. Turn your phone off
  2. Press and hold Power + Volume Down
  3. Navigate to the Wipe cache partition using the volume keys
  4. Select it with the power button
  5. Confirm wipe when prompted

Wiping cache will not delete personal data and may help your phone exit safe mode.

Factory Reset as a Last Resort

If all else fails, doing a factory reset will wipe your phone back to the default factory settings. This will force your phone out of safe mode but also erase all your data.

To reset, go into Settings > System > Reset options > Erase all data (factory reset).

Before resetting, backup any data you want to keep. The nuclear option of factory resetting should fix any issues causing your phone to get stuck in safe mode.

Get Professional Help For Android Stuck in Safe Mode

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and your Android is still stuck in safe mode, it may be time to seek professional help. Phone repair shops can diagnose hardware, software, and memory failures that could be triggering the issue.

As a last step before factory reset and professional repair, you can also contact your device manufacturer or mobile carrier for any other potential solutions. Provide details on when safe mode started and what troubleshooting you’ve tried.

Prevent Safe Mode in the Future

To avoid your Android getting stuck in safe mode again, be cautious when installing new apps. We recommend you use trusted apps from Google Play Store. Be wary of questionable third-party app stores or sites.

Getting stuck in safe mode can be annoying and disruptive. With patience and by applying the right troubleshooting techniques, you can hopefully resolve the issue and get your Android phone back to normal. Please pay attention to what preceded safe mode and lean on your technical knowledge to exit it safely.


Cause Solution Prevention
Incompatible/buggy app Uninstall recently added apps Only install apps from trusted sources
System file corruption Wipe cache partition Regularly update apps and operating system
Hardware failure Seek professional repair help
Full storage space Delete unneeded files Monitor storage space and clear unneeded files
Outdated system apps Install system updates Regularly update apps and operating system
Software issues Reboot into safe mode, factory reset
Memory failures Professional diagnosis and repair

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People Also Ask (“Stuck in Safe Mode on Android“)

How do I boot into safe mode to troubleshoot issues?

Press & hold the Power button, tap & hold “Power off”, and tap OK.

If uninstalling apps doesn’t fix it, what’s next?

Try wiping the cache or checking for system updates.

What will cause me to lose all my data?

Doing a factory reset.

If no troubleshooting works, what’s my last resort?

Take the phone to a professional repair shop.

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