How To Fix YouTube App Keeps Crashing in Android Device

It’s frustrating when the YouTube app on your Android phone keeps crashing unexpectedly. You try to watch a video or scroll through recommendations, and the app just shuts down. Fortunately, there are a few things you can try to fix YouTube app crashing issues and get back to watching videos smoothly.

Here in this article we’ll discuss some common issues that cause YouTube app keeps crashing android phone and also provide some solutions to solve the problem. We’ll cover clearing app cache and data, checking for app updates, adjusting app settings, uninstalling updates, and reinstalling the app. Just follow the tips below to stop the annoying crashing problems!

Reasons Why the YouTube App Keeps Crashing

Before we get into the solutions, let’s go over some possible causes of YouTube app crashes on Android: 

  • Outdated app version: If you haven’t updated the YouTube app in a while, bugs and glitches in older versions could cause crashes.
  • Full app cache: Over time, cached data can get overloaded and make the app unstable. Clearing the cache often helps.
  • Background apps: Lots of apps running in the background can drain the resources needed to run YouTube smoothly.
  • Buggy Android update: A recent OS update may have bugs that affect YouTube’s functionality. 
  • Incompatible device: Though rare, the app may not be fully compatible with certain Android devices.
  • Connection issues: Weak internet connectivity can contribute to app crashes.

Now you have seen all the possible cause that can cause youtube keeps stopping Samsung, Let’s talk about some solutions that might help you to solve this problem.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix YouTube App Crashing

Force Stop the YouTube App

When the app crashes, it’s best to fully force it to stop before trying to reopen. Doing this will stop all the activities of the YouTube app that could cause the problem and when you start it again it will start processing again.

  • Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps
  • Scroll down and select YouTube
  • Tap Force stop

Force stop the YouTube app

Force-stopping an app doesn’t uninstall the app and doesn’t delete the history of the app.

Clear the YouTube App Cache

Over time, cached app data can get overloaded and cause operational issues like crashing. Clearing the cache gives the app a clean slate.

  • Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps
  • Select YouTube > Storage
  • Tap Clear cache

 Clearing cache memory removes temporary files saved by the app. This can fix the crashing issue.

Clear YouTube App Data

If clearing cache doesn’t work then you can try clearing your app data, it will remove all your saved data in the app and all the settings will be reset.

  • Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps
  • Choose YouTube > Storage
  • Tap Clear storage > OK

Clearing app data forces the app to start fresh, which may stop the crashing if it is due to corrupt data. You will log in again to continue.

Clear the YouTube app cache and app data

Keep Your YouTube App Up To Date

An outdated version prone to bugs could definitely explain the crashing. Updating the latest release may solve the problem.

  • Open the Play Store app
  • Tap the profile icon > Manage apps & device > Updates available
  • Check if there’s an update available for YouTube, then tap Update
  • The app should then download the latest Optimized version to run smoothly.

Keep Your Youtube App Up To Date

Adjust YouTube App Settings

Tweaking a few settings can potentially get the app working properly again

  • In the YouTube app, tap your profile icon > Settings
  • Under General, disable Auto-play
  • Under Video Quality Preferences, select Limit mobile data usage
  • In permissions, disable Location.

Adjust YouTube app settings

By doing these changes you notice a boost in performance and better user experience that many other issues are solved including crashes. Test if crashes persist after adjusting settings.

Uninstall YouTube Updates

If your Android device has YouTube installed by software then you can try reverting your YouTube app back to an older version.

  • Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps
  • Select YouTube > 3-dot menu > Uninstall updates

This will undo any updated versions you’ve downloaded that may be buggy. See if crashing stops with the original version.

Reinstall the YouTube App

If all else fails, completely removing and reinstalling the app can eliminate any corrupted files causing crashes.

  • Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps
  • Choose YouTube > Uninstall > OK
  • Go to the Google Play store and choose YouTube.
  • Click Install to download again

Get the latest stable version and try running the YouTube app again. Prevent youtube keeps stopping android in the Future.

Tips To Avoid Issues Reoccurring

  • Keep the app updated regularly in the Play Store
  • Limit background apps to free up resources
  • Regularly clear cache/data to prevent overload
  • Maintain reliable WiFi or mobile data connection
  • Report persistent bugs directly to Google

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FAQs (“YouTube App Keeps Crashing”)

  1. Why does the YouTube app keep crashing always?
    Common reasons include outdated app versions, overloaded cache, too many background apps, Android OS bugs, device incompatibility, and poor internet connection.
  2. Will clearing YouTube app data delete my history?
    No, clearing the app data will not delete your search or watch history. But it will erase your local settings and login information.
  3. Does force stopping the YouTube app delete anything?
    Force stopping just fully stops all app processes. It does not delete any data or history. The app will restart fresh when reopened.
  4. Should I delete and reinstall YouTube to fix the crash?
    Reinstalling your app can fix crashing but do it only if all other methods doesn’t work. Try simpler steps like updating, clearing cache/data, adjusting settings first.
  5. How can I Prevent YouTube app crashes in the future?
    Keep the app updated, limit background apps, regularly clear cache, ensure good WiFi/data connectivity, and report persistent bugs to Google to avoid crashes.


With the YouTube app being so widely used on Android, app crashing issues are common. Fortunately, Many possible solutions are available to solve this problem by yourself. Start with force-stopping the app, then clear the cache and data. Make sure the app is updated, adjust key settings, uninstall updates if needed, and reinstall as a last resort. You have to be patient and by some time you will have your YouTube app working properly without any issues..

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