OLED Burn-In How to Fix Screen Burn-in on Your Android Phone

OLED burn-in is also called image retention. It affects some time the OLED displays sometimes. It results in an image stuck on the screen. While burn-in is permanent, there are ways to minimize and hide its effects.

Use Dark Mode and Dim Screen Brightness

Switching your phone to dark mode will make burn-in less noticeable by darkening those static screen elements. You can also turn down the screen brightness, as high brightness contributes to image retention. Under Display settings, enable Dark Mode and move the Brightness slider to around 50% or less.

Hide Navigation Buttons

On-screen navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen are a common source of OLED burn-in. To prevent further damage, you can hide these buttons and use gesture navigation instead. Under System settings, select Gestures and switch on “Swipe from edges” to hide the buttons.

Use OLED-Friendly Wallpapers

Wallpapers with solid colors, gradients, or low-contrast abstract patterns can help minimize burn-in by reducing static image elements. Avoid wallpapers with text, clocks, or other fixed UI elements. A black wallpaper is ideal for hiding burn-in effects.

Install Pixel Refreshing Apps

Apps like Pixel Refresh can help mitigate burn-in by firing pixels in a pattern to slowly reduce image retention. Use these for a few minutes once a day. Set the app to “Daydream” so it runs when your phone is charging overnight. However, don’t overuse these apps as that may accelerate the aging of the OLED display.

While screen burn-in is unavoidable over time with OLED displays, these tips can help prolong your screen’s life and make the effects less visible. If burn-in is severe, replacing the screen might be the only option, so prevention is key.

Key Points

  • OLED burn-in occurs when static images are displayed for long periods. This leaves “ghost” images on the screen.
  • Use Dark Mode, lower brightness, and OLED-friendly wallpapers to minimize burn-in. Avoid high brightness and wallpapers with fixed elements.
  • Hide navigation buttons and switch to gesture navigation to prevent button icons from getting burnt in.
  • Download pixel refreshing apps to help reduce existing burn-in by firing pixels in patterns. Use for a few minutes daily.
  • Prevention is important as screen burn-in is permanent. Replace the screen if the burn-in is very severe.
  • Dimming the screen, hiding static elements, using pixel refresher apps, and avoiding burn-in-causing images can help prolong OLED screen life.

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FAQs (“OLED Burn-In“)

Q: Does changing wallpapers help fix burn-in?

A: Yes, changing wallpapers regularly will help prevent further burn-in by avoiding static images.

Q: Can you get rid of OLED burn-in completely?

A: No, screen burn-in is permanent, but you can reduce visibility using pixel refresher apps and dark mode.

Q: Does burn-in worsen over time?

A: Yes, burn-in usually gets progressively worse if static elements remain on the display for prolonged periods.

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