9+ Best Apps for Online Courses With Free Certificate! 2024

Best Apps for Online Courses With Free Certificate: Make Your Future! We all want to study and make our way into the workforce, but unfortunately, the doors to university don’t open for free, as most reputable universities charge high tuition fees. On top of Best Apps for Online Courses, you have to make time for classes and work, which few people can do due to personal relationships and family commitments. But none of that should stop you from chasing your dreams.

According to a survey by Guru99, 83% of people around the world are taking free online certificate courses to learn and advance their careers through Best Apps for Online Courses. So which apps are holding you back? Here are the top Best Apps for Online Courses certificates. One of the biggest advantages of free online courses is their flexibility.

Free online courses have a slower pace and are designed to adapt to busy schedules, especially for students who don’t have the time or money to attend Harvard or other similar courses that can help them advance their careers.

Here are 9+ Best Apps for Online Courses With Free Certificate

1: Skill Up, Level Up: Your Career Transformation Starts on “Coursera”

Coursera is one of the best-known names when it comes to free online courses, and for good reason. It’s affiliated with some of the world’s leading institutions and companies, so you can be sure you’re getting top-notch content.With over 2,500 courses to choose from, you can also find any subject you want to learn.

Best Apps for Online Courses With Free Certificate: Make Your Future!

Most of the courses you’ll find here will guarantee you a job, and if they come from Google, Meta and Hubspot, why not? Remember that while most of the courses on the platform are free, you’ll get better learning material if you opt for a paid course. In other words, paid courses are more detailed and last longer, so you learn better.

2: Upgrade Your Brainpower: “Alison” – Your Learning Accelerator

One wonders what the girl’s name is. For those who have never heard of Alison, this is another platform that offers more than 4,000 categories available for free. The courses here mainly focus on helping people build their careers in subjects like retail management and chemical safety. Once you complete them, you get a certificate that is an excellent addition to your educational profile. The courses are also ISO-certified, which means they are a great addition to your professional profile and CV.

Best Apps for Online Courses With Free Certificate: Make Your Future!

You do have to pay for the certificate to complete the course, although the price is very affordable. Overall, application is straightforward, the material is easy to understand and the courses engage the student in the chosen subject. You can also choose a program of study, which is also free. There are no strict grade restrictions, which means you won’t be stressed when you take exams. Don’t forget to take a look at the career guide offered by the platform. This will help you choose a course that suits your career path and your role in the industry.

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3: Fuel Your Curiosity: Unlock Endless Learning Journeys with “edX”

The university has links with major academic institutions such as Harvard and Berkeley. It also works with major industrial companies such as Google, Microsoft and IBM. What can you learn at edX Academy? So You can study engineering and, if you’re lucky, work at Google. You can study law and help your country, or even study philosophy and prepare for a PhD.

Best Apps for Online Courses With Free Certificate: Make Your Future!

You can choose your own pace of study with free advice from experienced tutors. What’s more, the course structure is simple and you can enjoy the lessons via video, just like at school. However, you should know that this is a commercial organization, which means that by paying for the course, you will get interesting benefits and privileges. You can improve your skills on the course, use the best learning materials and obtain other professional certifications.

4: From Curiosity to Mastery: “Khan Academy” – Fuel Your Learning Adventure

Few have heard of Khan Academy, a free, non-profit organization that aims to help anyone who wants to get a good education. The organization promises a world-class education and includes some of the most popular subjects in today’s colleges.

Best Apps for Online Courses With Free Certificate: Make Your Future!

Whether you want to study math, computer science, or humanities, you won’t have to think twice about signing up for this free online course. The Academy also has a Life Skills course where students get the financial and career lessons they need.

5: Level Up Your Game: Master In-Demand Tech From Industry Giants with “Udacity”

If you’re looking for an online platform to help you improve your technical skills for free, Udacity is for you. Here, you can get all the training you need from mentors and industry experts who will also provide you with the inspiration you need to take your career to the next level and work with more confidence.

Best Apps for Online Courses With Free Certificate: Make Your Future!

In other words, it helps you better utilise your talents and make a bigger impact in your field. The platform strives for excellence and quality through various programs that help students meet all their needs. The teachers here are experienced professionals who not only have all the necessary knowledge but also impart it in the best possible way to fulfil their learning needs.

6: “Udemy”: Your Launchpad to New Skills & Success – Explore Thousands of Online Courses

The platform is crowdsourced and offers a wide range of topics with the goal of helping anyone in need. These topics include everything from mental health to playing the guitar. The app is clear and easy to use, with an interface and videos that make learning stress-free. What’s more, the app isn’t just for teachers. Udemy is a public platform open to anyone who wants to learn, so you’ll find a friendly, relaxed atmosphere in the classroom.

Best Apps for Online Courses With Free Certificate: Make Your Future!

While many of the courses on this platform are paid, there are some that you can take for free. If you go to the free courses page, you’ll find a variety of courses in the My Learning section. Whichever course you ultimately choose, know that all the learning materials provided by the platform are reliable and accurate, and the instructors will do their best to help you. The platform is known to be very useful for people working in marketing and design, as it aims to teach the latest trends in the industry.

7: Fuel Your Curiosity, Ignite Your Network: Dive into “LinkedIn Learning’s” Endless Sea of Expertise

You’ve heard of LinkedIn, but what about LinkedIn learning? For those who want to be successful in the workplace, LinkedIn offers another platform. Here you will find more than 16,000 courses on different topics, so you can choose the one that will help you do better at work and advance your career. The videos are high quality and the courses range from beginners to advanced. You can also add the videos to your resume on LinkedIn to make them more visible to people who click on your profile and consider you.

8: Unlock Your Marketing Mojo: “HubSpot Academy” – Your Gateway to Growth

If you’re a digital marketer, you should attend HubSpot’s Academy. It’s a platform where you can improve your marketing skills, get certified and advance your digital marketing career. The course aims to train you on various inbound marketing strategies so that you end up clicking as an expert in all the right places thanks to your improved digital marketing skills. Blogging, reporting, content and SEO are just a few of the many things you’ll learn here.

9: Level Up Your Game: Master In-Demand Digital Skills, for Free, with “Google Digital Garage”

The Google Digital Garage is another non-profit program that aims to provide free digital skills to those who are interested and want to contribute to change in this area. The training is mostly online and designed to make learning easy and interesting.

Best Apps for Online Courses With Free Certificate: Make Your Future!

But let’s be honest. While a certificate course on this platform will certainly improve your knowledge, it won’t necessarily guarantee you the job you’re looking for. But you can rest assured that with cutting-edge knowledge of digital marketing, you’ll be able to achieve better results.

Updated: 20 May 2024 — 12:37