How to Fix Microphone Not Working In Android | Easy Solution

Having an issue Microphone Not Working In Android can be incredibly frustrating. If it happens, it will make you unable to deliver your voice to another person on a call or can’t record the voice or voice in the video. Microphone issues can make most of your Android’s capabilities useless.

You don’t need to worry because there are many solutions to fix the Microphone Not Working problem quickly. Here in this article, we have discussed the issue deeply, including the leading causes, solutions and prevention to not face the same problem in the future.

Causes of an Android Microphone Not Working

Microphone Not Working

There are several possible culprits when your Android microphone stops functioning normally. Here are the most common causes:

  • Faulty microphone hardware – Just like any other part of a smartphone, the physical microphone can fail or become damaged. Dropping your phone, getting it wet, or other physical damage can cause the hardware to break.
  • Outdated software/firmware – Android phone software needs periodic updating like all technology. If your system software is obsolete, the microphone compatibility may be broken.
  • App permissions – Modern Android versions require apps to get explicit permission to access your phone’s microphone. If you are denied an app access, it can’t utilize your mic.
  • Obstacles blocking the mic – Something physically covering the microphone hole can prevent proper operation. This includes phone cases, excessive dust/debris blockage, or placing the phone speaker down on a surface.
  • Sticky settings – Sometimes the microphone gets stuck in a mode like “speakerphone” or “mute” even when not intended. Resetting all settings to default can fix this.

How Do You Know Your Android Mic Is Faulty?

To ensure mic functionality, record your voice on your Android phone and listen to it for distortion. If you don’t have one, download a voice recorder app like ASR Voice Recorder.

Perform a System Diagnostics Check

If you’re still unsure about your microphone, you can test it with a hardware and system diagnostic app like Phone Doctor Plus. The app will run a number of tests and report back to you on the state of your microphone.

Top Solutions for a Microphone Not Working


  1. Check for physical damage – Carefully inspect your phone and make sure there is no visible damage to the microphone hole/ports. If the mic hardware got damaged, you’d need a repair.
  2. Remove phone case – If using a phone case, remove it and try using the mic without the case to isolate the issue. The case might be blocking proper operation.
  3. Check app permissions – Open your Android settings, find app permissions, and ensure the apps you want to use the mic in are allowed access. Toggle permissions off and on to reset them.
  4. Restart the phone – Restarting can clear up temporary glitches and get the microphone working again. Power down completely and reboot the device.
  5. Clean the microphone hole – Use compressed air or a delicate brush to clean out any dust, debris, or lint blocking the mic hole. Be very careful not to damage the sensitive membrane.
  6. Update software – Ensure your Android OS and app software are fully up-to-date. Older versions can have mic incompatibilities.
  7. Reset to factory settings – Back up data and then reset your device to factory defaults. This wipes out any problematic software issues and reverts settings to normal.
  8. Contact customer support – If all else fails, contact Android or your device manufacturer’s customer support. They can provide tailored troubleshooting or start a warranty repair.

Preventing Microphone Problems in the Future


Once you get your phone’s microphone working again, you can take steps to prevent future issues:

  • Avoid physical damage – Use phone cases and screen protectors to prevent drops and accidents that damage the hardware. Don’t use your phone in highly dusty environments.
  • Keep software updated – Set your Android to install OS and app updates for maximum compatibility automatically. Stay current.
  • Manage app permissions – Only grant microphone access to apps that genuinely need it so they can’t interfere with proper operation.
  • Use air spray regularly – Every few months, use compressed air to clean the microphone port and prevent dust buildup gently.
  • Don’t fully submerge your phone – While many modern phones have water resistance, don’t fully submerge your device or expose the mic to high-pressure water blasts.
  • Contact support if issues persist – If microphone problems keep occurring, contact your Android provider for future solutions or warranty repair/replacement.

By understanding the root causes of Android microphone failure, trying the right solutions, and taking preventative steps, you can return to making calls and recordings without bothersome malfunctions. With proper care and maintenance, your Android microphone can continue providing clear audio input for years.


Issue Cause Solution Prevention
Phone not picking up voice during calls Damaged/obstructed microphone hardware Inspect for damage, clean the microphone port Use a phone case prevent drops
The phone won’t record voice memos Outdated software, app permission issues Update software, reset app permissions Keep software updated
The microphone works for calls but not for video App lacking microphone permission Check app permissions Only allow mic access to apps that need it
Low microphone volume Dust/debris blocking mic Use compressed air to gently clean the port Regularly clean the microphone port
Uninstalling app updates broke the mic Needed update for compatibility Reinstall the latest app updates Don’t uninstall key system app updates
The microphone stopped working suddenly Temporary software glitch Restart the phone Restart phone regularly
Want to prevent microphone failure Physical damage, dust, water exposure Use case, avoid dust/liquids, update software Take the preventative steps outlined in the article

FAQs About (Microphone Not Working)

Why is my phone not picking up my voice during calls?

Damaged microphone can cause this issue. Try cleaning the mic port or inspect for damage.

I tried everything but my phone still won’t record voice memos, what should I do?

Factory reset your mobile phone and dont forget to make a backup of your data.

Should I buy a new phone if my microphone stop working?

Not necessarily. Try troubleshooting steps first, or contact customer support about warranty repair options.

How can I prevent microphone problems with my Android phone in the future?

Use phone cases and screen protectors, keep software updated, avoid dust buildup, and don’t fully submerge the phone in water.

The microphone works fine during calls but not when I try to record videos; why?

Allow access to microphone while using camera from settings.

Why can’t callers hear me?

Here are some reasons a caller may not hear you:

  • Muted microphone
  • Low call volume
  • Faulty microphone
  • Network issue
  • Microphone obstruction
  • Reached voicemail
  • Wrong number dialed
  • Too much background noise
Updated: 23 February 2024 — 17:54