Android Not Connecting To Fitness Tracker | How To Fix

Are you facing the issue of Android Not Connecting to Fitness Tracker or smartwatches?

In this modern age Smartwatches and fitness trackers are widely used in the daily life routines. People use it for multiple purposes like checking heart rate while jogging or doing exercise, or for enhancing their looks by adding a smartwatch to the outfit. Sometime you may find some issues while connecting you Fitness Tracker & Smartwatches on your Andoid devices.

Try These Fixes For Android Phone Not Connecting to Fitness Tracker

Don’t sweat it – here are some troubleshooting tips to get you up and running.

Check Compatibility

Before trying to connect, make sure your Android phone and wearable device are compatible. Check the specs and descriptions from the manufacturer to confirm your phone’s operating system version is supported. Most trackers today support Android 5.0 or higher. Also check that you have the latest app version installed for your wearable device.

Enable Bluetooth

enable bluetooth

A fitness tracker or smartwatch connects to your phone using Bluetooth. Open the setting bar and toggle Bluetooth from both Devices. Make sure the tracker or watch is also visible in the available devices list.

Update Software

look for updates

Outdated software could be preventing a successful connection. On both devices, check for any pending software or firmware updates.

On your Android, go to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update to see available updates.

For the wearable, consult the manufacturer’s instructions to update from the companion app or through the device settings.

Restart Devices

restart your phone

Sometimes simply power cycling both devices can help establish a connection. First, force restart your Android phone by holding down the power button for 10-20 seconds until powered off. For the wearable, consult its manual for how to restart. Then power both devices back on and try pairing again.

Reset Network

Reset Network

Settings Resetting your phone’s network settings to default may also help if connecting over Bluetooth is failing.

Go to Settings > System > Advanced > Reset Options > Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile data & Bluetooth.

This will erase existing pairings so you’ll need to setup your connections again.

Remove and Re-pair

If the above steps don’t work, unpair the tracker/watch from your phone’s Bluetooth menu and delete the wearable’s app. Then reinstall the app and attempt to pair again from scratch. Consult the specific device’s instructions for how to reset and pair.

Contact Support ( Android Phone Not Connecting to Fitness Tracker )

For persistent connection issues, contact the device manufacturers. They can provide further specialized troubleshooting tips or determine if your tracker or watch is defective. Most brands have customer support contact information on their website or in the device app.

With some focused troubleshooting, you should be able to get your Android and wearable gadgets communicating smoothly.

Stay active and enjoy the detailed health insights from your synchronized fitness tracker or smartwatch.

Summary of Android Phone Not Connecting to Fitness Tracker

Issue Solution
 Incompatible devices   Check specs and descriptions to confirm compatibility
 Bluetooth disabled  Enable Bluetooth on both devices
 Outdated software  Update to latest firmware/app versions
 Connection failure  Restart both devices
 Connectivity settings  Reset network settings to default
 Failed pairing  Unpair devices, reinstall app, repair
 Persistent issues  Contact device manufacturer support

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FAQs (“Not Connecting to Fitness Tracker”)

Why can’t my Android phone find my fitness tracker in Bluetooth settings?

Enable Bluetooth on both devices and ensure they are in range.

I still cant connect my Fitness tracker to Android after Upgrading. What I can do?

Re-install the app and try reconnecting again.

I tried all solutions but I am Still facing the same issue. Is it defective?

If all else fails, the device may be faulty. Contact the manufacturer.

How do I connect my fitness tracker?

Sync with Bluetooth! Activate Bluetooth on your phone, turn on your tracker, open the app and pair your devices.

Why doesnt my phone track my fitness?

  • Permissions off? Enable health app access.
  • GPS unreliable? Check location accuracy.
  • Software outdated? Update tracker firmware.
  • Too many disruptions? Limit notifications.
  • Battery drained? Charge devices.
  • Connectivity issues? Reboot phone and tracker.
  • Hardware damaged? Inspect sensors.
Updated: 21 January 2024 — 04:20