Low Call Volume on Android Phones – How To Fix

Having Low Call Volume on Android Phones during a phone call? Low call volume can make it difficult to have a conversation on your Android phone.

Fixes For Low Call Volume on Android Phones

Here are some troubleshooting tips to help restore normal call volume.

Check Volume Settings

Firstly check the volume settings of the Android Device.

  • Maximize the volume through the volume button after attending the Call.
  • Open settings and go to sound and vibration here make sure to set call volume bar to maximum
  • Check any accessibility/hearing aid settings and make sure volume boosters are enabled if applicable.

If adjusting these basic volume controls don’t help, there are a few other settings to check.

Disable Battery Saver Mode


Many Android phones have battery saving modes that restrict background data and throttle performance. While helpful for battery life, these modes can sometimes lower call volume.

Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver and make sure it is disabled. Restart your phone after changing this setting.

Switch Audio Source ( Low Call Volume on Android )

 Switch Audio Source

Your phone may be trying to use a different audio source like the speakerphone instead of the main earpiece.

During a call:

  • Press the Volume Up key to cycle through the Phone earpiece, Speakerphone, and Wired headphone options if available.
  • Select the Phone earpiece for normal volume.

Check for Blocked Microphone

Check for Blocked Microphone

If your phone’s microphone is obstructed by debris or a phone case, it could cause low incoming call volume.

  • Carefully clean the small microphone hole located near the main camera lens on the back of your phone.
  • Make sure your phone case is not covering over this microphone opening.

Disable Noice Cancellation

Some Android phones have advanced noise-cancellation features that can sometimes dampen voice audio.

Try disabling any noise cancellation or audio enhancing features in your phone’s Settings to see if it helps improve call clarity and volume.

Adjust In-Call Audio Settings

Digging deeper into the in-call audio settings may provide a solution.

  1. Open notification settings and go to the call app
  2. Tap the gear icon to access Call settings
  3. Here you can adjust options like:
  • Turn off Voice over LTE if enabled
  • Disable VoLTEHD voice calls
  • Turn off Wi-Fi calling
  • Toggle Adaptive sound enhancements

Testing different combinations of these in-call settings can help troubleshoot the issue.

Update Carrier Settings ( Low Call Volume on Android )

If your Android phone is still having call volume problems, updating the carrier settings may help. Carrier settings can affect network-related functions like calling.

To update:

  1. Open settings and go to advanced settings settings to look for updates
  2. Tap Download and Install to update your phone’s carrier settings

After updating, restart your phone and check if call volume has improved.

Try a Different Phone App

As a last resort, install an alternate phone app like Google Phone or Skype and test if call volume is better through the different app. This tells you if the issue is isolated to your phone’s default calling app vs a larger system problem.

When to Do a Factory Reset

factory reset Android Phone

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and the issue persists, a factory reset may be necessary to restore normal call volume. Back up your phone data first, then reset your device to the factory default state.

This wipe will delete your data and settings but can fix software issues causing problems like low call volume.

Get Professional Help

Professional Repair Help

For hardware-related volume issues or persistent problems, your best bet is to enlist professional help. Phone repair shops can test the phone’s speakers, microphones, and voltages to diagnose the specific cause. They have the skills and tools to disassemble, clean, or replace microphone and speaker modules if needed.

Don’t suffer with low call volume – try these troubleshooting suggestions to restore clear calling on your Android phone. With the right steps, you’ll be hearing call conversations loud and clear again in no time.


Issue Potential Solutions
Low call volume
  • Check volume settings
  • Disable battery saver mode
  • Switch audio source
  • Check for blocked microphone
  • Disable noise cancellation features
  • Adjust in-call audio settings
Persistent issues
  • Update carrier settings
  • Try a different phone app
  • Factory reset phone
  • Get professional help

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FAQs About Low Call Volume on Android

Q: Why does my phone have low call volume even when volume is maxed out?

A: Other settings like battery saver mode or noise cancellation could be restricting volume.

Q: How can I tell if my phone’s microphone is blocked?

A: Check for debris in the mic hole near the camera and make sure your phone case doesn’t cover it.

Q: What should I look at in the in-call audio settings?

A: Try toggling options like Voice over LTE, VoLTEHD, WiFi calling, and adaptive sound.

Q: When is doing a factory reset recommended?

A: If you’ve tried all other troubleshooting steps and the low volume persists, a reset can fix software issues.

Updated: 18 March 2024 — 14:16