Why is My Phone Not Receiving Texts Solve it Wth Quick Fixes

How to Fix Android Not Recieving Texts Messages? If your Android is Not Receiving Texts, don’t panic. This minimum help will help you to handle the texting trouble with your phone just follow the steps to get over your problem.

Has your Android phone suddenly stopped receiving text messages? It is not only you. Many Android users experience issues with missing text messages on their devices. The good news is that this issue can typically be resolved quickly and simply by following a few troubleshooting steps.

This article will discuss the large number of problems that occurred in the delivery of text messages in Android devices. We will suggest the best possible solutions to get over text delivery issues.

Why Is My Android Not Receiving Texts?

Why is My Phone Not Receiving Texts Solve it Wth Quick Fixes

There are a few common culprits for an Android phone not getting texts:

  • Connectivity issues: Dead zones, poor cellular coverage, or WiFi problems can interrupt text message delivery to your device. Issues with your SIM card can also prevent texts from coming through.
  • Carrier outage: Service disruptions of your cellular carrier may temporarily affect text messaging services. This issue is solved within a few hours.
  • Full storage: it is might be caused due to issues related to your phones storage capacity. May be you are can not receive the new texts because the memory is full and there is no more space hence keep your clean and remove junk files to make sure to have enough storage to keep new messages
  • Incorrect app: settings App notifications, permissions, or other settings could be disabling your ability to receive texts properly. Check if there is any trouble with app configuration if there js any then just lets fix it first it would be helpful.
  • Messaging app glitches: The default messaging apps on Android can sometimes malfunction and stop fetching new texts, especially after a major software update. Resetting the app often helps.
  • OS software bugs: Bugs in the Android OS software can rarely cause texting issues. Updating to the latest OS version usually resolves them.
  • Phone not connected to mobile network: its may caused because of the disability of cellular data on your device, your mobile phone may not be able to receive or send text messages untill the cellular data is enabled.
  • Third-party apps interfering: Some apps like task killers, cleaners, and battery savers can inadvertently block your phone from getting text… As now we are familiar with the solution so just follow some easy steps to solve this problem.

Fix Cellular Data Connectivity

Why is My Phone Not Receiving Texts Solve it Wth Quick Fixes

Flaky cellular data connectivity is one of the most common reasons for delayed or missing text messages on Android phones. Here are some troubleshooting steps:

  • Restart your phone: A simple device reboot can refresh connectivity and get texts flowing again. Power down completely and restart your Android.
  • Toggle Airplane mode off and on: Flipping Airplane mode on and off quickly essentially restarts your wireless radios and reconnects to the cell network. Test if texts come through after toggling Airplane mode.
  • Check for carrier outages: Look up your cellular carrier’s network status page to see if there are any known outages in your area affecting service. Outages are often resolved within a few hours.
  • On “cellular data” in your device: get in to “Settings” then tap on  “Network & Internet “then look for the option named  “Mobile Network” and make sure Cellular Data is switched on. This allows texts over the mobile network.
  • Update carrier settings: Go into Settings > General > About Phone and tap on SIM Status to check for and install any pending carrier updates that could improve connectivity.

Some Troubleshooting Steps Of Not Receiving Texts

Why is My Phone Not Receiving Texts Solve it Wth Quick Fixes


  • Remove and reinsert SIM: Turn your phone off, carefully remove the SIM card, check it for damage, then firmly reinsert the SIM card and power your phone back on to refresh the mobile connection.
  • Manually select carrier network: Go to Settings and then Enters the “Network & Internet” option then “Mobile Network” and “Advanced ” option after that choose “Preferred Network Type”, then select your carrier. This resets the mobile data connection.
  • To reset the network settings of your device: as a last possible solution to this network problem. First of all, go to the device’s Settings, then enter “General” and after that tap on  “Reset” and choose Reset “Network Settings”. This will clear cellular settings and restart your network connection.

After each troubleshooting step, test if you can send and receive texts successfully. If texts are coming through after one of the steps, you’ve found the solution.

Solve the Problems With Messenger Not Receiving Texts

Why is My Phone Not Receiving Texts Solve it Wth Quick Fixes

Problems with your default messaging app account for many cases of Android phones not receiving texts. Let’s go through solutions for messaging app issues:

  • Force stop the app: Open Settings > Apps > Messages > Force Stop to force close the messaging app. Then restart the app and check if texts come through.
  • Clear app cache and data: Wipe the cache and app data for your messaging app by going to Settings > Apps > Messages > Storage > Clear Cache / Clear Data. Then restart the messaging app.
  • Update the app: Go to play store and look for the updates available for messaging app if there is any then install these updates these updates may also help in removing the virus/bugs from the app and let it work smoothly.
  • Uninstall updates: From Settings > Apps > Messages, tap the 3-dots menu and choose Uninstall Updates. This reverts the app to the factory version that came with your OS.
  • Reset app preferences: In the 3-dots menu of your messaging app, choose Settings > Advanced > Reset app preferences. This resets configs that could be causing issues.
  • Switch to a different texting app: Try downloading a popular third-party messaging app like WhatsApp or Google Messages as a replacement for the built-in texting app.
  • Perform a mobile network reset: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Mobile Network Settings to restart your SIM card and cellular radio.

If the messaging app fixes restore your ability to get texts normally, you’ve resolved the issue and can continue using that app.

Reset your phone battery and app notification settings on your device To Fix Not Receiving texts

Why is My Phone Not Receiving Texts Solve it Wth Quick Fixes

Improperly configured notifications and battery management can inadvertently block your Android phone from receiving texts in the background. Let’s optimize these settings:

  • Allow notifications: Check the messaging app notifications settings and make sure Show Notifications is enabled, along with pop-ups, sounds, and vibrations as desired.
  • Disable battery optimizations: Go to Settings > Apps > Messages > Battery > Optimize Battery Usage and switch it off. This prevents battery-saving restrictions on text notifications.
  • Add to unmonitored apps: In your phone’s battery settings, look for Unmonitored Apps or Always Allowed Apps and add the messaging app. As a result, battery optimizations are not necessary.
  • White list the app: If your phone has a “White list” of apps exempt from battery monitoring and power management, add the messaging app to this white list.
  • Check Do Not Disturb settings: Make sure your phone’s Do Not Disturb mode isn’t inadvertently silencing notifications during certain times and allowing texts to be missed.
  • Grant notification access permissions: In the messaging app info screen, check that notification permissions are granted. Tap Notification Access and enable the permission.

After adjusting these configurations, you should start reliably receiving text notifications again. Battery-saving restrictions often cause incoming texts to be ignored.

Verify App Permissions To Fix Not Receiving Texts

Why is My Phone Not Receiving Texts Solve it Wth Quick Fixes

Messaging apps need certain permissions to be able to send and receive texts properly on Android devices. Here’s how to check for issues with app permissions:

  • Read SMS permission: The Read SMS permission allows the app to read incoming text messages from your SIM card. Make sure this is enabled for your messaging app.
  • Phone permission: Phone permission gives the app access to your mobile number, cellular network info, and the ability to directly call phone numbers. Enable this.
  • Storage access: The app needs access to storage to save message history, attachments, etc. Grant the Storage permission.
  • Microphone access: in case if you can’t send a written text or if you are willing to send a voice note instead of sending a text message, then you should enable the microphone from your phone’s settings to record your voice. Enable the Microphone permission.
  • Location access: For location-sharing features, allow the Location permission for your messaging app. This is optional.
  • Contacts permission: Granting Contacts permission allows the app to match phone numbers to your saved contacts. This is recommended but optional.

You can manage app permissions in Settings > Apps > [Selected App] > Permissions. Make sure none of the critical messaging permissions are disabled. Grant any that are missing.

See if the updates are available To Fix Not Receiving Texts

Why is My Phone Not Receiving Texts Solve it Wth Quick Fixes

Outdated software can sometimes be the culprit behind Android Not Receiving Texts. Be sure to install any available updates:

  • Update messaging app: Check your messaging app in the Google Play store and install any updates that are pending. By updating the app its functioning become smooth and it also helps in fixing the bugs.
  • Update Android OS: enter your phone’s Settings then choose the option named “System” then look for the “Advanced ” option there and tap on “System Update” and install any Android OS updates that are there for your device. Major Android updates can resolve SMS issues.
  • Update carrier services: Look for any pending updates for carrier services or carrier apps on your phone such as Verizon Messages, AT&T Messages, etc. Install the updates.
  • Update other apps: Check that apps like Android Messages, Android System WebView, and Google Play Services are up to date, as bugs in these background apps can affect messaging.

After completing any updates, restart your phone and open your messaging app to see if your texting issues are resolved after the software refresh. Keep apps updated to prevent bugs affecting texts.

Look for another more convenient Messaging App If Not Receiving texts

Why is My Phone Not Receiving Texts Solve it Wth Quick Fixes

If your default texting app continues having issues beyond the above troubleshooting, try switching to a popular third-party messaging app:

  • WhatsApp: This messaging platform is reliable and encrypts messages for security. However, it requires your contacts to also have WhatsApp installed.
  • Google Messages: Google’s messaging app is free, minimalist, and syncs texts across devices. It gets rid of the trouble of extra and heavy software that often causes issues in messaging apps from phone companies.
  • Pulse SMS: Pulse SMS offers a slick web interface, backups, theming, and excellent device syncing. The premium version has many power user features.
  • Textra SMS: Textra has customizable notifications, and privacy options and is ad-free. Its easy-to-understand and most convenient eye-catching design makes it a great alternative messaging app.
  • Facebook Messenger: If your contacts are on Facebook, Messenger allows free messaging over WiFi and integrates convenient chat heads.
  • Signal: Signal uses encrypted communications for maximum security. But both parties need to have the app installed.

Try using one of these third-party messaging apps instead of your phone’s default app. Another app can be used for this purpose that can solve the recurring text problems.

Reset Your Phone to Factory Settings To Fix Not Receiving Texts

Why is My Phone Not Receiving Texts Solve it Wth Quick Fixes

If all else fails, performing a factory reset on your Android phone will wipe it back to default settings and often fixes even the trickiest texting issues:

  • Back up your phone: Before resetting, make sure to back up important phone data like photos, videos, notes, and contacts so you don’t lose your information. Backup to the cloud or an external device.
  • Reset phone: Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Factory Data Reset. This will erase your phone and reset your settings. Confirm when prompted.
  • Set up the phone: Once your phone restarts, go through the initial setup process including signing into your Google account and setting up WiFi, apps, etc.
  • Restore backups: After re-setting up your phone, restore your data and files from the backups you made before the reset.
  • Test texting: Open your messaging app and confirm that you are once again able to reliably receive texts after the factory reset.

Resetting your Android phone to factory conditions is the ultimate troubleshooting step to resolve text message issues and often successfully restores full-text functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions (“Not Receiving Texts“)

Why did my Android phone randomly stop getting text messages?

Connectivity problems often cause sudden issues with receiving texts, a buggy app update, an expired SIM card, or incorrect notification settings that start blocking messages in the background. Going through basic troubleshooting steps usually isolates the specific cause.

How can I get my Android to receive texts again after Not Receiving Texts for days?

After a multi-day texting outage, try more robust solutions like updating your OS, resetting app preferences, switching texting apps, or ultimately performing a factory reset to restore messaging functionality. Check that your SIM card hasn’t expired as well.

What should I do if my phone can send but Not Receiving Texts?

Being able to text out but not receive incoming messages points to an app permissions issue. Make sure the messaging app has the Read SMS and Notification Access permissions enabled for your SIM card number.

Why do I only stop getting some texts on my Android phone?

Intermittently miss texts, but I still get some. Usually indicates a connectivity problem related to coverage, wireless interference, or a buggy carrier services update. Try network troubleshooting steps like resetting mobile networks and updating carrier settings.

How do I stop Android text message delays or not Receiving Texts?

Significant message delays signal connection difficulties or background app meddling that temporarily blocks texts until the screen is turned on. Optimize battery usage, disable power management for the texting app, and switch networks if needed.


Problems with missing or delayed text messages on your Android smartphone are inconvenient but usually fairly easy to diagnose and repair. In most cases, texting difficulties can be attributed to connectivity issues. Glitches with the messaging app itself, battery/notification restrictions, outdated software, or lack of proper app permissions.

Going through the step-by-step troubleshooting guide outlined in this article should help you identify and resolve the specific issue. Interrupting text messages on your particular device. Don’t hesitate to try a different texting app or perform an all-encompassing factory reset.

If basic fixes don’t get your texts flowing reliably again, you have to do it. With the right combination of texting app settings, app permissions, software updates and network/battery optimizations, you’ll be back to seamlessly sending and receiving texts in no time.

Updated: 21 April 2024 — 03:42