Is Your Android Home Button Unresponsive? Learn How to Fix It

The home button in any Mobile Phone is very important and frequently used. As it makes it easy to reach the home page and open the Google Assistant. It is frustrating if the Home Button Not Working In Android Phone, as you are used to it in daily life use. But don’t worry this issue has some possible solutions.

Solutions For Home Button Not Working In Android Phone

Here are some of the Most working fixes for this issue:

Check for Physical Damage

Check for Physical or Hardware Issues CLOCK APP KEEPS RESTARTING CONITNUOSLY

The first thing you’ll want to do is inspect your phone for any physical damage around the home button. If the phone has been dropped, the home button mechanism could be damaged. Carefully look at the area around the home button for any cracks or dents. Press gently on the home button to see if it clicks. If the home button seems loose, damaged, or unresponsive to presses, the problem is likely hardware-related. You may need to replace the entire screen/digitizer assembly.

Restart Your Phone

restart your phone

Restarting your Android phone will reset all the device’s active systems and may fix an unresponsive home button. To restart an Android, hold down the Power button for a few seconds until the Power off prompt appears. Tap Power off and wait 30 seconds. Turn on your Android Device again and check if the button started working or not. A simple restart can refresh the phone’s memory and restart stuck processes.

Check for Obstructions

Something may be obstructing the home button mechanism, preventing it from being pressed down fully. Carefully inspect the area around the home button for any debris like lint or dirt. Use a toothpick or compressed air to gently clean out the home button area. Make sure not to use anything sharp that could scratch the screen. Blowing compressed air around the home button can dislodge any stuck debris.

Update Your Android Phone

Update Your Android Phone

An outdated version of Android could also be the culprit. Open settings and go to About phone sections here to look for available updates. After updating the device again check if the Home button works. Updates often include bug fixes that improve performance and fix issues like an unresponsive home button. Keeping your Android version completely up-to-date is important.

Reset App Preferences (Home Button Not Working)

Problematic app preferences could be interfering with the proper operation of the home button. To reset the app preferences go to the settings and search for apps here on the top corner click on 3 dots and tap the reset preferences. This will reset all preferences for disabled apps, background data restrictions, disabled app notifications, and any custom permissions. Resetting app preferences clears out any problematic settings that may affect system buttons.

Boot Into Safe Mode

Restart Phone or Open Safe Mode

Booting Android into safe mode loads the device with only the original software and apps. This allows you to determine if any recently downloaded apps are causing conflict with the home button. For entering the safe mode hold the power button until it shows turn-off option. Once shown now hold the tap on the turn off button. You’ll then see a Safe mode option at the bottom. Tap OK to restart in safe mode. Test the home button in safe mode. If it works properly, a 3rd party app is likely causing the issue.

Try Button Repair Apps (Home Button Not Working)

There are a few apps on the Google Play Store that claim to repair unresponsive system buttons like the home key. Apps like Button Repair, Button Savior, and Button Mapper can override software controls and replace functions of unresponsive buttons.

Just search for “button repair” apps and try installing one. Open the app and allow the permissions, these apps make in screen button that work properly.

Use On-Screen Navigation

If all else fails, you can enable on-screen navigation buttons as a permanent replacement for your hardware home button.

To do this go to Settings > System > Gestures > System navigation > On-screen navigation buttons.

This will display software navigation buttons on the bottom of the screen, including a home button. You will lose some screen space at the bottom, but can still access home screen functions through the on-screen button.

In summary, inspect your phone for damage, restart it, check for obstructions, update the software, reset app preferences, boot into safe mode, try button repair apps, and enable on-screen navigation as troubleshooting steps to get your unresponsive Android home button working again. If no solutions are effective, the home button hardware may need to be repaired or replaced.

Summary Of Home Button Not Working

Solution Description
Check for physical damage Inspect the phone for cracks or dents around the home button.
Restart your phone Power the phone off completely and then back on to reset the systems.
Check for obstructions Clean out any debris stuck around the home button.
Update Android Install the latest Android update to fix potential bugs.
Reset app preferences Clear any problematic app settings that could interfere.
Boot into safe mode Determine if 3rd party apps are causing issues.
Try button repair apps Apps may be able to override controls and fix buttons.
Use on-screen navigation Enable on-screen buttons to replace hardware buttons.

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FAQs About (“Home Button Not Working In Android“)

Q: What’s the first thing to try when your home button stops working?

A: Restart your phone.

Q: If restarting doesn’t work, what should you check next?

A: Check for any physical damage or debris around the home button.

Q: How can you determine if an app is causing the home button issue?

A: Boot your phone into safe mode.

Q: What’s a last resort if you can’t get the hardware button working again?

A: Enable on-screen navigation buttons.

Updated: 24 April 2024 — 09:54