How To Fix Not Showing Missed Calls in Android Phone

One of the most frustrating issues with Android Phones is when Not Showing Missed Calls in Android phones. After a missed call, if you don’t respond it shows the other person that you are behaving rudely, or you can miss important calls as well.

Fixes For Not Showing Missed Calls on Android Phone

You can fix this issue on your own. Here are some fixes to try.

Check Your Notification Settings

Turn On Notification For Missed Calls Not Showing Missed Calls in Android Phone

First of all check that you are allowing missed calls notifications from settings

  • Go to the Settings of your Android Device.
  • Tap “Apps & notifications“.
  • Tap “Advanced” and then “Default apps”.
  • Tap “Phone app”.
  • Check notification settings for Missed calls
  • Allow the Notifications For Missed Calls.

If notifications were disabled, turning them back on should allow missed calls to show again.

Check Do Not Disturb Settings

Another setting that could be blocking missed call alerts is the Do Not Disturb mode. This setting mutes all notifications when enabled.

To make sure it is not enabled:

  • Open Settings and tap “Sound”.
  • Tap “Do not disturb” and make sure it is turned off or scheduled for times you are not missing calls.

Disable or adjust Do Not Disturb to receive missed call alerts again.

Update Your Phone App

look for updates

Outdated software can also cause issues with missed call notifications.

Look for updates and update to the latest version of the App available:

  • Go to the Play store
  • Open the menu from the top corner.
  • Tap “My apps & games” > “Updates”.
  • Check if any updates are available for the Phone app or Dialer app. Install updates.

Updating may resolve notification bugs.

Check Your Call History

In some cases, your call history can become corrupted or stop syncing properly with your cloud account, preventing missed calls from showing up.

To refresh the call log:

  • Open the Phone app
  • Open the menu from the top right corner
  • Tap “Settings” > “Calls“.
  • Tap “Clear call history”.

Clearing the history can help synchronize your call data properly again.

Restart Your Phone

restart your phone

One simple fix is to restart your Android phone. Rebooting can clear up temporary glitches that may be preventing missed call alerts.

To restart:

  • Hold the power button till options are shown
  • Tap the restart button shown on the screen

After restarting, check to see if the issue is resolved.

Reset App Preferences

Resetting app preferences essentially clears temporary data and forces apps to restart fresh. This can resolve app issues like missed call notifications.

To reset app preferences:

  • Open the settings and go to Apps.
  • Click on the top corner option and tap “Reset app preferences”.
  • Tap “Reset apps” to confirm.

Resetting preferences may allow calls to show again.

If none of those steps work, you may need to perform a factory reset on your device, which will erase all data and restore your phone to default settings. Make sure to backup data first before resetting.

In conclusion, troubleshoot notification settings, update software, restart your device, and reset app preferences to fix an Android phone not showing missed calls. With a few simple tweaks, you should be able to resolve the issue and prevent missing important calls again.

Summary Of Not Showing Missed Calls In Android

Issue Solution
Notifications disabled Check notification settings and enable missed call alerts
Do Not Disturb on Disable or adjust Do Not Disturb settings
Outdated Phone app Update the Phone/Dialer app to the latest version
Corrupted call history Clear call history to resync data
Temporary glitch Restart your Android phone
App issues Reset app preferences to clear data
Persistent issue Factory reset device (backup data first)

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FAQs About Not Showing Missed Calls

Q: Why is my Android phone not showing missed call notifications?

A: Notification settings, Do Not Disturb, outdated Phone app, corrupted call history, or a temporary glitch.

Q: How can I make sure missed call notifications are enabled on my Android?

A: Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Default Apps > Phone App and enable Missed Call Notifications.

Q: I enabled all notification settings but my phone still isn’t showing missed calls. What should I do?

A: Try updating the Phone/Dialer app, clearing call history, restarting the device, or resetting app preferences.

Q: I’ve tried everything but my Android phone still doesn’t show missed calls. Is there anything else I can try?

A: Performing a factory reset can restore default settings and potentially fix the issue.

Updated: 21 March 2024 — 14:02