Prevent Android Overheating During Charging Expert Tips

Having issues with Overheating Android While Charging can be worrying and frustrating. A hot phone may feel uncomfortable to hold and can drain your battery faster. But don’t sweat it (literally)!

We will give simple and easy solutions to overheating issues while charging. It’s normal that your Android device heats up and gets warmer while on charging. But if it gets too warm and hurts your hand while holding, then we can say that its overheating issue is caused by something. There are actions you may take in these circumstances to Stop and Prevent overheating phone solutions While Charging. Don’t worry, just abide by these recommendations to keep your phone secure and functional.

Steps To Stop Overheating of Android While Charging

Steps To Stop Overheating of Android While Charging

1. Use the Right Charger and Cable

Only use the charge and charging original cable, that comes with your mobile box instead of Using incompatible or faulty chargers and cables because they can cause your phone to get hot while charging. An original charger and cable will help you stop why is my phone hot and losing your battery. An original charger ensures your phone gets the correct charging input. Using other local chargers or cables can also lead to a black screen or a blank screen on your Android Device.

2. Remove the Phone Case

Pop that phone case off when charging. Phone cases trap heat inside, especially thicker, protective cases. Allow air to flow around the phone so the heat can dissipate. And phone gets hot when charging android can be solved. Just remember to put the case back on after charging!

3. Turn Off Unused Features and Apps

Having many apps and features running in the background can make your phone work harder, creating excess heat. Close out apps you aren’t using and disable unneeded features like Bluetooth and GPS. Restrict background data and activity if possible. This reduces stress on the CPU and stops the phone from overheating Samsung While Charging. The less your phone has to work, the cooler it will stay.

4. Don’t Use Your Phone While Charging

Avoid using resource-heavy apps and features like the camera, gaming, and video streaming when your phone is plugged in. The combination of charging and activities can increase the heat. Plus, this can make your phone’s battery get lower faster. Set your phone aside while it charges whenever possible so that the overheating of Android While Charging can be solved.

5. Switch Charging Locations

Where you charge your phone can make a difference. Avoid enclosed spaces like under blankets or pillows which trap heat. Don’t charge in direct sunlight or hot places. Try a cooler spot like a hard surface or wire stand that allows for plenty of air circulation.

6. Check for Blocked Vents

Ensure that the air vents on your phone aren’t obstructed by dust, lint, stickers, or debris. Blocked air vents prevent heat from escaping properly. Carefully clean vents with a toothpick, brush, or can of compressed air to remove any material clogging them.

7. Reset Your Device

Perform a Soft Reset After trying every possible solution to it if your phone is still overheating then try a restart it may help to decrease the temperature of your phone. A soft reset can clear system caches and temporary glitches causing overheating. Restart your phone by holding the power button. Hold the button till it shuts down, then hold it again to turn it on. After restarting now wait for some time and let it cool before connecting to the charger.

Tips to Prevent Over Heating issue while Charging in Android Devices:

How to Stop and Prevent Overheating of Android While Charging

Be Smart About charging

Use the charger and cable that came with your phone – third-party ones can overcharge the battery and cause overheating. Also, try not to use your phone intensively while it’s charging. Gaming and video streaming make the phone work harder and get hotter. You may also want to disable fast charging if possible since it can heat the battery more than normal charging.

Keep It Cool

Don’t wrap your phone in a blanket or case while it’s charging! It requires open air for comfortable airflow that helps to keep it cool. Avoid direct sunlight or other heat sources like fires or radiators too. High temperatures just make it easier for the phone to overheat. Make sure to keep the charging port clear of dust buildup too, so your charger connects properly.

Update and maintain:

Stay on top of phone software updates, and replace an aging battery if needed. Updated software keeps the phone running efficiently during charging. And old batteries tend to overheat more easily. A new battery will perform well and will keep your Android device cool.

Use the right accessories

Consider a phone case designed to dissipate heat. Cases with metallic or graphene materials can direct heat away from the battery as it charges. And make sure you’re using the charging accessories designed for your specific model of phone.

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FAQs (“Overheating of Android While Charging“)

What causes my phone to get hot while charging?

Common reasons an Android phone may get hot while charging include using a faulty charger or cable, blocked air vents trapping heat, charging in hot environments, running resource-heavy apps while charging, and an aging battery.

Should I be concerned if my phone is hot while charging?

It is not a big deal if your Android Device feels warmer than it’s normal. While charging. However, excessive heat can degrade the battery over time. If it’s hot to the touch, try cooling measures. Seek repair if it’s burning hot even after troubleshooting.

What temperature is too hot for charging?

It’s not harmful to use your Android phone while it’s on charging but you have to be careful. If your phone is getting warmer and overheating, it can lead to destroying the battery or damage your hand.

To keep phone secure and in good condition, the most useful way to keep your phone away from overheating is that avoid using your phone while it’s on charging because it produces extra heat in your device and also don’t put your phone on charging at hottest or extra cool environment. Keep usage light to keep the phone cooler.

Can I charge my phone if it feels hot?

If your phone already feels hot, avoid charging it until it cools down. Charging when already overheated can further stress the battery. Let the phone cool before connecting it to power.


An overheated Android phone during charging is usually nothing to worry about. Simple adjustments like using the proper charger, removing cases and debris in vents, closing apps, and resetting your device can help regulate temperature. But if problems persist, it may be time to replace an aging charger or battery. With the help of some simplest steps, you can save your phone from overheating and keep it on charging without getting into trouble.

Updated: 25 April 2024 — 18:41