Quick Fixes Android Not Playing Videos

Our Android phones are mostly used to watch videos like movies, personal memories, and many more. What if you try to play video and it doesn’t work? Surely it will frustrate you. Sometimes, people face the issue of Android Not Playing Videos suddenly out of nothing. But in this article, we have discussed some easy steps to fix this issue.

Fixes For Android Not Playing Videos

There are several things you can try to get your Android device to play videos again.

Check App Permissions

The most common issue is that we haven’t granted permission to the video player to run any videos on our Android Device:

  • Open settings and search for app permissions.
  • Locate the problematic app and tap Permissions.
  • Make sure the app is allowed access to Photos/Media/Files, Storage, Microphone, Camera, etc. Toggle the permissions on if needed.

Granting the necessary permissions allows the app to find and load video files from your phone’s storage. Try playing a video in the app again after updating its permissions.

Clear the App Cache and Data

Clear the app cache and app data

App caches and data can become corrupted over time, leading to video playback issues. Clearing the cache and app data often resolves problems with videos not loading properly.

To clear an app’s cache and data:

  • Open the settings of Android and find the App list.
  • Select the app. Go to storage and clear the data and cache.

This will delete temporary files and reset the app. Retry is playing the Video again.

Check for App Updates

Check for updates of your Video player sometimes older versions of the video player can also cause the issue of Android not playing videos. We recommend you enable auto-updates for default apps so you don’t face the same issue again.

Restart Your Phone ( Android Not Playing Videos )

restart your phone

An easy first troubleshooting step is to restart your Android device. Restarting clears out memory, ends background processes, and refreshes the phone’s components.

Restart your Android device. After your phone reboots, open the app and try playing videos again. A restart fixes video playback issues surprisingly often.

Check for System Updates

look for updates

If your Android system software is outdated, it may have defects or lack features needed for video playback in certain apps.

Go to Settings > System > System update to check for any available OS updates for your device. Install the latest system update and then test videos again. Updates often include bug fixes and improvements for media playback.

Turn Off Battery Optimization

Android’s battery optimization can sometimes interfere with video playback in apps. The feature restricts background processes to conserve battery life.

Disable battery optimization for apps where you’re having video issues:

  • Open the settings of the Android device and search for Battery optimization.
  • Select the app and choose Don’t Optimize> Done.

With optimization off for that app, videos should play properly without interference from battery-saving measures.

Factory Reset Device

If you’ve tried everything else with no success, a factory reset will wipe your phone and restore it to factory conditions. Back up your data first.

Open settings and search for reset and then lock for erase all data or factory reset. Tap Reset phone.

Once your phone resets, test playing videos in your apps again. Often a fresh start fixes video playback and other issues caused by bugs or conflicts.

Contact Your Manufacturer ( Android Not Playing Videos )

Contact Your Manufacturer

If videos still don’t play after trying all the troubleshooting steps, there may be a hardware defect or a deeper system issue with your Android device. Contact the Professional repairing place or manufacturer of the Device. They can inspect your phone and suggest solutions, such as repairing faulty components related to video playback.

Issues playing videos on Android can arise from app problems, software bugs, system conflicts, and sometimes hardware faults. Thankfully, using the steps outlined here should help isolate the cause and get your phone playing videos again.

How to Fix YouTube Online Videos Not Playing on Android?

YouTube, a free app used by billions worldwide, simplifies online video viewing. If videos aren’t playing on Android, follow these suggestions:

Reopen the YouTube App

To fix YouTube not working on Samsung phones, quit the app, stop it from running in the background, swipe the YouTube app card, restart the phone, and launch YouTube to check if it resolves the issue.

Check your Phone’s Internet Connection

To resolve the issue, ensure your Android is connected to a stable internet connection, enabled mobile data, and Airplane mode in its network settings or Control Center, then disable it to reconnect.

Update your YouTube App

Old or outdated YouTube versions may cause online videos to not play on Android devices. Update the app or launch the Play Store for the latest version.

Clear YouTube’s Cache Data

To fix YouTube videos not playing on Android, clear the app’s cache by going to Settings > Apps > YouTube > Storage and tapping “Clear Cache”.
Turn off the VPN feature

VPNs provide secure web browsing and applications like YouTube. However, they can sometimes cause online videos to not play on Android. Disable VPN in Settings or launch a third-party VPN app.

Reset Network Settings

To fix video issues on the Android gallery, reset your phone’s network settings to their default value by going to Settings > System > Reset and selecting “Reset Network Settings”.

Disable the Data Limit

New Android phones often have a data limit feature to protect against overcharging. However, this can sometimes prevent YouTube videos from playing. To disable this feature, navigate to Network or General settings and disable YouTube Settings.

Adjust your Phone’s Date and Time

The incorrect date and time on your Android phone can cause video playback errors. To fix this, go to Settings > Date & Time and manually enter the correct date.


Issue Solution
App lacks permissions Grant access to media, files, storage, etc.
Corrupted app cache/data Clear app cache and data
Outdated app version Check Play Store for updates
Needs reboot Restart your Android device
Old OS version Check for system updates
Battery optimization on Turn off optimization for the app
Software issues Factory reset your phone
Hardware defect Contact device manufacturer

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FAQs About Android Not Playing Videos

Why did my Android suddenly stop playing videos?

Common causes are outdated apps, corrupted caches, insufficient permissions, software bugs, battery optimization interference, and faulty hardware.

How can I get YouTube working again if videos won’t play?

Update the YouTube app, clear cache/data, check permissions, turn off battery optimization for YouTube, or reboot your device.

My phone plays videos but there is no sound. How do I fix it?

Try adjusting sound settings, cleaning the headphone jack, updating apps, clearing app cache/data, and checking for system updates.

Videos crash my phone whenever I try to play them. What should I do?

This could indicate a hardware defect. Try factory resetting your phone. If the issue persists, contact the device manufacturer for repair options.

Why Are Videos Not Playing on Android Phone?

Suppose a downloaded video is not playing on your Android phone. In that case, it may be due to various reasons such as improper download, missing or corrupted file headers, issues with video or audio syncing, compatibility issues with your device, corrupted SD card, or changes in phone settings or encoding.

Updated: 15 April 2024 — 13:18