My Hotspot is Not Working Android How to Resolve

Many people face the issue that Hotspot Is Not Working On Android in daily life. No hotspot means you can’t share your internet connection or can’t connect to any other hotspot, anything like that can bother you.

Fixes For Hotspot Is Not Working On Android

Don’t worry – there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to get your Android hotspot back up and running.

Check Your Data and Wi-Fi Connections

Before diving into hotspot-specific issues, first, make sure your phone itself has a solid internet connection. Try disabling Wi-Fi and connecting to the mobile data network instead – or vice versa. Restart your phone for good measure too. This ensures any connection problems lie with the hotspot function rather than your phone’s ability to get online.

Confirm Hotspot is Enabled and Configured Correctly

Dive into your phone’s network and internet settings to verify the mobile hotspot feature is switched on. Sometimes it can be mistakenly disabled. Also double-check that the SSID (name) and security settings like the password are set up the way you expect. An incorrect configuration here can prevent other devices from connecting properly. Re-enter these details if needed.

Reboot Your Phone ( Hotspot Is Not Working )

restart your phone

If you’ve verified the hotspot is enabled but it’s still not working, try fully rebooting your Android phone. A simple restart can help clear up problems with mobile hotspot connectivity that a basic power cycle may have missed. Give your phone 1-2 minutes after rebooting to fully reconnect before attempting to use the hotspot again.

Forget the Network on Connecting Devices

forget and rejoin wifi

Check the devices you’re attempting to connect to the hotspot with and make sure they don’t have old cached Wi-Fi data that could be interfering. On each device, look for saved networks and forget the hotspot network. Then try reconnecting from scratch which may resolve inconsistencies.

Check for Firmware, Driver, and App Updates

Updating your Android phone’s firmware, wireless drivers, hotspot apps, and even the OS on connecting devices can help resolve software-related mobile hotspot problems. Check for any available updates through your phone’s settings, device manufacturer websites, and app stores. Perform updates and retest the hotspot.

Toggle Airplane Mode

Toggle Airplane Mode On and Off

As a quick workaround, turn on your phone’s Airplane Mode for 30 seconds before switching it off again. This resets all wireless connections which can clear up interim glitches with the hotspot functionality. Re-enable the hotspot after and test if the issue persists.

Use a Different Wi-Fi Band

change the band of wifi

Some connectivity issues may be related to wireless interference on the default 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band. If available, try having your phone broadcast the hotspot on the clearer 5Ghz band instead. In your hotspot settings look for the ability to choose the broadcast band and switch options if needed.

Reset Network Settings

For connectivity problems that persist, try resetting your Android phone’s network settings entirely. Open the settings of Android and search reset then select the reset network settings. This will wipe all wireless configuration on your phone so you’ll need to re-enter details like Wi-Fi passwords, but can resolve stubborn mobile hotspot problems.

Getting your Android hotspot working again may take some patience. But methodically trying these troubleshooting steps should help identify and resolve the underlying issue so you can get back to convenient internet access on the go.


Tip Details
Check data/Wi-Fi Ensure the phone has a solid internet connection
Confirm hotspot enabled Verify hotspot is switched on and configured correctly
Reboot phone Power cycle the phone to refresh connections
Forget network Remove old cached hotspot data from connecting devices
Update software Install the latest firmware, drivers, and apps
Toggle airplane mode Reset wireless connections quickly
Change Wi-Fi band Switch hotspot to 5Ghz band to avoid interference
Reset network settings Wipe all wireless settings and reconfigure
Contact carrier Get additional support to troubleshoot issues

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FAQs (“Hotspot Is Not Working“)

Why won’t my hotspot work ( Hotspot Is Not Working )?

Check your data connection, and settings, and update the software.

Other devices can’t find my hotspot network?

Verify the name, password, and security settings are correct.

My hotspot suddenly stopped working, why?

Try rebooting your Android phone to refresh the connections.

I forgot my hotspot password, what now?

View or reset it in your network settings.

Updated: 21 April 2024 — 03:37