What Should I do When My Cell Phone Screen Becomes Yellow? Solutions and Tips

Having a Yellow Screen On Android can make it hard to see clearly. Or bad user experience while watching videos or any kind of movie.

Fixes for Yellow Screen On Android Phones.

Here are some troubleshooting tips to remove the yellow tint and get your display looking normal again:

Check Display Settings

  • Open settings and go to the Display tab. Here:

    • Color mode – Try toggling between Natural, Boosted, etc.
    • Color temperature – Lower temperature reduces yellow.
    • Screen calibration – Turn off if enabled.

Toggling these settings may fix a yellow-tinted display.

Disable the Night Light or Blue Light Filter

  • Night light or blue light filters can cause a yellow tint.
  • In Display settings, turn off the night light/blue light filter.
  • This should return the display to normal coloring.

Update Display Drivers

look for updates
  • Outdated display drivers could cause a yellow tint.
  • Open settings search for advanced system settings and look for updates..
  • Install any available updates, including display drivers.
  • Restart the phone after updating.

Try a Factory Reset

Factory Reset Your Phone
  • After trying all, make a backup of your important data and do a factory reset.
  • Open settings and search for reset. Then choose Enrase all data.
  • This will wipe the phone and may fix the issue.

Use Screen Stain Removal Software

To remove yellow spots from your mobile phone screen, you can install a special app called Dead Pixel Detection Fix, which is available in the market for free download. With this app, you can instantly view the suspicious spots on your mobile phone screen. If the spots appear while using the gadget, you need to install this program, launch it and select the “Fix” setting. Then charge the mobile phone and wait for the dawn. In the morning, as a rule, you will see that all the screen defects have disappeared.

Get a Screen Replacement

  • If software fixes don’t work, the yellow tint may be a hardware issue.
  • Look into replacing the screen yourself or via phone repair shops.
  • Purchase replacement screens online or locally.

Don’t hesitate to look for professional help if the issue still continues after trying all the fixes given.

How to remove yellow spots from the phone screen?

Depending on what is causing the yellow spots on your gadget’s screen, there are several ways to solve the problem. Caution! It is not recommended to repair devices (especially mobile phones) on your own without special skills. Doing so can put not only your smartphone at risk, but also yourself. The main ways to solve the problem of yellow spots on the screen of a smartphone are as follows
  • Replace the battery (in case of swelling).
  • Apply ice to the area of the screen where the yellow spots appear.
  • Coat the plastic inside with a special cooling liquid.
  • Replace the temperature sensor.
  • Replace the firmware.
  • Replace the screen module (last resort, but more effective).
Important! It is best to contact a service centre to find out what is causing the problem and how it can be fixed. This is the only place that can guarantee a high-quality repair, as a qualified technician can not only fix the fault but also discuss the causes.

Recommendations for the proper operation of the smartphone

You can extend the life of your cell phone by following expert advice on the proper use of your cell phone. Simple but important advice includes the following items
  • Buy a waterproof case – prevents cracks and scratches and prevents liquids from getting into the screen or protective cover.
  • Buy protective glass or impact film – prevents scratches and mechanical damage.
  • Smartphones should not be placed in the same pocket as small items or keys.
  • Pay attention to temperature. Smartphones are sensitive to cold and often reboot or discharge quickly.
Important! If your mobile phone has been in a cold place, do not start charging it immediately. Starting charging immediately can cause water to condense on the smartphone chip, which can cause a short circuit and damage the chip. To avoid such problems, it is better to set the phone aside and let it warm up to room temperature when you get home.


Solution Details
Check Display Settings – Go to Settings > Display > Color mode, temperature, calibration. Toggle settings off/on.
Disable the Night Light/Blue Filter – Turn off the night light or blue light filter in Display settings.
Update Display Drivers – Go to System Update in Settings. Install updates including display drivers.
Factory Reset – Backup data, then reset to factory settings. May fix yellow tint.
Screen Replacement – If software fixes don’t work, replace the screen via DIY or repair shops.

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FAQs (“Yellow Screen On Android“)

Q: Why does my Android screen have a yellow tint?

A: It can be caused by display settings like night light mode, outdated display drivers, or physical screen deterioration.

Q: Will a factory reset fix a yellow-tinted Android screen?

A: It might. Resetting to factory default settings can resolve obscure software-related display issues.

Q: How much does an Android screen replacement cost?

A: It varies, but expect anywhere from $50-$250+ depending on the phone model and repair shop. DIY kits can be cheaper.

Q: Why is my Android screen yellow?

A: Display damage, Night Light filter, defective screen, app overlays.

Q: How to fix yellow screen on Android?

A: Disable Night Light, remove app overlays, factory reset, replace screen.

Q: Is yellow screen a failing display?

A: Possibly, if issue persists in safe mode and worsens over time, replace display.

Q: Can software fix yellow screen?

A: Sometimes, try resetting display settings or factory reset.

Q: When should I replace my screen?

A: If yellow tint cannot be fixed with software resets and worsens over time, hardware replacement likely needed.