Saved Not Connected? “Can’t Connect to WiFi” How to Fix [10 Ways]

When you face issues Saved, Not Connected it can be really frustrating and disgusting. It says that the network is saved but not connected and when you try to connect it says can’t connect to wifi.

You don’t have to worry because there are many ways to fix this issue in your Android Device. Here in this article we have provided the causes, solutions, and prevention for the future, and all aspects are covered regarding this issue.

why does my wifi say saved but not connected “Potential Causes”

causes of wifi Saved Not Connected

There are a few likely culprits when you see the “Saved, not connected” message:

  • Weak wireless signal: If you’re too far from the router or access point, the signal may not be strong enough to maintain a connection. Moving closer to the router or into an area with better signal coverage may help.
  • Outdated network password: If the Wi-Fi password was changed but your phone still has the old one saved, it will fail to connect. You’ll need to delete the old network profile and enter the new password.
  • Conflicting network settings: Sometimes settings like static IP addresses or proxies configured on the phone can prevent it from connecting to networks automatically. Resetting network settings often resolves this.
  • Software bug: Like any gadget, cell phones are prone to software glitches. Connection issues stemming from a bug rather than a misconfiguration will require a software update or factory reset to fix.
  • Hardware failure: In some cases of connection problems, the Wi-Fi antenna or related components inside the phone may have failed. This requires professional repair or replacement of the device.

Solutions and Fixes Of Wifi Issue Saved Not Connected

SOLUTIONS of wifi Saved Not Connected

Here are the step-by-step solutions to try if your Android phone won’t get online and says “saved, not connected” for your Wi-Fi:

Forget the Network

Open Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi on your Android. Tap the name of the problem network, then choose Forget. This will delete the existing connection details. Then try to reconnect by entering the password again when prompted.

Check the Router Connection

Go and check the router if it is connected and showing the green lights that means the internet is working. And try to connect to another mobile phone or laptop to make sure if its wifi issue or your Android device is causing the problem.

Reset Network Settings

In Settings, go to System > Advanced > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth. Tap Reset settings and confirm. This will erase all network settings and force them to be reconfigured when you reconnect.

Check for Updates

Go to the settings of Android device in the about phone section, here look for Android OS updates if any are available. Install these updates and then restart your phone and try again by typing the password of wifi. Updates often include bug fixes for connection problems.

Remove SIM Card

As odd as it sounds, removing your SIM card forces your phone to rely 100% on Wi-Fi for connectivity. Eject the SIM tray and reconnect to Wi-Fi without it. If it works, a SIM-related setting may be interfering.

Factory Reset the Phone To Fix Saved Not Connected

If all else fails, a factory reset will wipe your phone back to default settings. This guarantees any software glitches or conflicts are eliminated. Don’t forget to make a backup of your data.

Replace the Wi-Fi Antenna

For hardware-related failures, the Wi-Fi antenna or associated components will need to be repaired or replaced. This requires professional service but may be covered by warranty if the device is new.

Check Error

Complete Solutuions

Preventing Future Saved Not Connected Issues

preventions of wifi Saved Not Connected

Once you’ve resolved the immediate “Saved, not connected” problem, keeping your phone’s Wi-Fi running smoothly involves a few regular maintenance steps:

  • Update the OS and apps frequently to reduce bugs.
  • Forget old networks you don’t use anymore.
  • Periodically reset network settings to clear conflicts.
  • Don’t overload the device with too many complex apps and features.
  • Keep the phone away from conditions that can damage antenna hardware like moisture.

Following best practices for your Android will minimize connection frustrations down the road. After following all these the issue still comes then you can fix it by following the solutions given above

Check No. Of Devices Connected to Wifi Network

To check the number of devices on your WiFi network, log into your router’s admin interface. Look for the “Attached Devices” or “DHCP Clients” section. This will list all connected devices – simply count the number shown for the total.

Alternatively, use a wireless network scanner tool on a connected computer. It will scan and show a list of devices – count the number in the list.

Turn Off Smart Wifi Switch or Wifi+

Many phones have features that automatically switch between WiFi and mobile data. These are called things like WiFi+, Smart WiFi, or Intelligent WiFi Switch.

While convenient, these features can sometimes cause WiFi problems.

To turn off auto switching on an Android phone:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Wireless and Networks
  3. Tap WiFi then More Settings
  4. Turn off WiFi+ or any auto-switching feature

The exact steps depend on your phone model. Turning this off prevents your phone from switching networks automatically. This can help with WiFi issues.

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FAQs (“Saved Not Connected”)

Why does it say Saved Not Connected?

Usually it’s because of weak signal, wrong password, outdated settings, software glitch, hardware problem, or the SIM card interfering.

How can I update my WiFi drivers or router firmware?

To update WiFi drivers: Check Device Manager, get latest driver, install through Device Manager. For router firmware: Find model number, get latest firmware, access admin interface, upload and install.

How can I fix Can’t Connect to WiFi?

Try forgetting the network, updating software, resetting network settings, removing SIM card, or factory reset. Moving closer to the router can help if it’s a weak signal.

I forgot my Wi-Fi password – what now?

Check the password on a connected device, log into your router to view it, or press the router’s reset button to generate a new one.

How do I reset network settings?

Go to mobile settings and search for reset options. Open the reset tab and reset mobile data, wifi and other network settings. This will erase settings.

Why doesn’t Wifi work after factory reset?

Probably a hardware issue then. Only option at this stage is to reach an expert at repair shop.

How can I avoidSaved Not Connected WiFi in the future?

Update regularly, forget old networks, reset settings sometimes, avoid too many apps, and keep phone away from moisture.

What if nothing fixes my Wi-Fi?

As a last resort, you may need to replace the internal Wi-Fi hardware. A repair tech can help.


In many cases it’s just a simple settings tweak required to get reconnected. Review the common causes like weak signal, software bugs, and incorrect network passwords.

Run through the step-by-step fixes outlined here. Checks for updates, reset network settings, forget the network and re-enter the password.

Even a factory reset can get your connection working again in just a few minutes. But for any hardware-related failures, seeking professional phone repair may be required.

With the handy tips in this guide, you can troubleshoot why your Android says saved but not connected to Wi-Fi. Then get back to enjoying smooth wireless internet access once more.