How Resolve Location Services GPS Not Working on Android

(GPS) Global Positioning System in your Android Devices in very useful software and helps you in many ways. Like pinpoint locations, destination directions, and many more. Somehow you can face some issue like GPS Not Working on Android Phones but it can be solved.

Solutions For GPS Not Working on Android Phones

Here in this article we have discussed simple ways to fix location service not working issues:

Check Location Services Settings

First of all have a check that you have allowed you Android device to use GPS and that location is enabled. Also check that the Mode is set to High accuracy for best GPS performance.

While in Location Settings, you can also ensure that individual apps like Maps, Uber, etc. have permission to access your location. Toggle location access on for the apps you want to allow.

Check GPS Specific Settings

In Settings, go to Connected Devices > Connection Preferences > GPS. Make sure that GPS satellite setting is enabled on your device.

You can also toggle Battery Saving mode off for GPS here. Having Battery Saving mode on can sometimes interfere with apps utilizing your GPS coordinates properly.

Check Network Connection

Your Android device relies on mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity to assist with locking onto GPS satellites quickly. If you have a poor network connection, it can impact acquiring your precise location.

Ensure cellular data is enabled or connect to a stable Wi-Fi network. This allows your device to download Assisted GPS (A-GPS) data to help your phone’s GPS chipset lock onto satellite signals faster.

Update Carrier Services

Carrier Services is an app that manages interactions between your Android device and your cell provider’s network. Keeping Carrier Services updated can help improve the network compatibility for optimum GPS performance.

Check for updates of carrier services simply by searching it on app store.

Restart Your Phone

restart your phone

A simple restart can help get GPS working again on a glitchy phone. Power your device off completely, wait 30 seconds, and restart it. This will clear any temporary bugs and refresh all radios on your phone.

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Once restarted, open an app like Maps and check if GPS is able to locate your position as expected.

Reset Network Settings

Resetting all network settings on your Android can help resolve software issues causing GPS Not Working problems. Reach the settings of the Android phone and search for the network here reset the newtwork settings.

This will clear any problems with network or data connectivity on your device that could be impacting GPS functionality. Your Wi-Fi passwords will also be cleared with this reset.

Use GPS Status & Tool App

The GPS Status & Tool app by MobiWIA can help troubleshoot by showing you detailed information about GPS satellites, signal strength, location accuracy, and more.

This can help pinpoint if a hardware failure or software issue impacts your phone’s GPS Not Working. The app also has useful tools to improve GPS performance and accuracy.

Check for Hardware Damage

If your phone had any recent physical damage, especially to the rear housing area, it could have damaged the internal GPS antenna and components. Inspect your device for any signs of dropping, water damage or cracking around the camera/GPS module area.

Any hardware damage affecting the GPS radio might require professional repair or a full device replacement if severe.

Update Software Version

Make sure your Android device is running the latest firmware version available. Bug fixes and improvements in major operating system updates can often resolve GPS connectivity problems.

Go to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update to check for any pending software updates. Install the latest update fully to see if it fixes your GPS Not Working issues.

Factory Reset Device

Factory Reset the Phone AND Restart

If all else fails, perform a factory reset to wipe your device back to factory default settings. This will rule out any software bugs causing the problem. Remember to fully back up your device first before resetting.

Got the settings of you Andriod device and perform factory reset device. Be patient after the reset for GPS to recalibrate and lock onto satellite signals again after the first restart.

Hopefully, with these troubleshooting tips, you can resolve any GPS issues on your Android device and get back to navigation and location services working usually again. Let the journey continue!


Solution Details
Check Location Services Settings Ensure the Location setting is enabled and set to High Accuracy mode. Check individual app permissions.
Check GPS-Specific Settings Enable GPS satellite setting. Turn off Battery Saving mode for GPS.
Check Network Connection Connect to strong Wi-Fi or cellular data for A-GPS assistance.
Update Carrier Services Keep the Carrier Services app updated for optimal network compatibility.
Restart Your Phone Power cycle the device to clear any glitches.
Clear App Cache/Data Wipe cache and data for location-based apps.
Reset Network Settings Reset networks to default, which can resolve GPS issues.
Use GPS diagnostic app GPS Status & Tool app provides helpful troubleshooting info.
Check for Hardware Damage Inspect for any physical damage to the GPS antenna area.
Update Software Version Install the latest OS updates, which may include GPS fixes.
Factory Reset Device Wipe the device and reconfigure it from default to eliminate software bugs.

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FAQs About GPS Not Working

Why is my GPS not working after an Android update?

An update may have toggled location settings or introduced a bug. Check location/GPS settings, restart the phone, or factory reset if needed.

How can I improve GPS signal on my Android?

Enable High Accuracy mode, disable battery saver for GPS, ensure strong WiFi/cellular signal, and clear any obstructions around antenna.

What apps can help diagnose my Android GPS problems?

GPS Status & Tool, GPS Test, GPS Test are useful diagnostic apps to check satellite signals, accuracy etc.

How do I recalibrate the GPS on my Android device?

Turn location services off, restart your phone, clear app cache/data, then turn location back on and allow GPS time to recalibrate outside with a clear sky view.

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