How to Connect a Gaming Controller to an Android Phone

Using a gaming controller with your Android phone can provide a much better gaming experience than using touchscreen controls. Controllers allow for more precise input and can make games feel more console-like. Connect a gaming controller to the Android phone to get a proper gaming experience.

Ways To Connect a Gaming Controller to an Android Phone

Fortunately, connecting a controller to your Android phone is easy to do.

Choose a Compatible Controller

Connect a gaming controller to the Android

Not all controllers work with Android phones. Here are some of the best options:

  • Sony DualShock 4: This is a PS4 controller. Best for Android Use.
  • Xbox One Controller: The Bluetooth version of Xbox controllers makes it easier to connect with Android
  • SteelSeries Stratus Duo: A popular Android-compatible controller with a compact design.
  • Gamesir T1s: An affordable controller designed specifically for mobile gaming.

Make sure any controller you choose is Bluetooth compatible. Wired controllers generally don’t work with Android phones.

Pair the Controller to Your Phone

Pairing the controller connects it to your phone. The steps depend on your device:

Sony DualShock 4 Controller:

Connect a Gaming Controller to an Android PhoneSony DualShock 4 Controller

  1. Hold the PS button and turn on the Controller.
  2. Open settings and go to Bluetooth.
  3. Hold the share button and Ps button for Pairing.
  4. On your phone, select your controller from the Available Devices list.

Xbox One Controller:

 Xbox One Controller

  1. Turn on the controller
  2. Open settings and go to Bluetooth.
  3. Press and hold the Pair button on top of your controller until the Xbox button starts flashing.
  4. On your phone, choose your controller from the Available Devices list.

Other Controllers ( Connect a Gaming Controller ):

Connect a Gaming Controller

Consult your controller’s documentation for exact pairing instructions. This will usually involve putting the controller in pairing mode and selecting it from your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

Connect Controller via USB (Optional)

For a wired connection, you can connect your controller to your Android phone using a USB OTG (On-The-Go) cable or adapter.

Attach OTG to Android and controller to other end and you are ready to play. This provides a low latency wired connection.

Start Gaming!

Once your controller is paired or connected, open up your favorite Android games and start playing! Most popular game titles support external controllers.

Set the button map custom in every game you play for better gaming experience.


Topic Summary
Compatible Controllers PlayStation DualShock 4, Xbox One, SteelSeries Stratus Duo, Gamesir T1s. Should have Bluetooth.
Pairing Process Turn on the controller and enable Bluetooth on the phone. Put controller in pairing mode and select it from the phone’s available devices.
Connecting via USB Use a USB OTG adapter to connect the controller to the phone’s charging port. Provides wired connection.
Getting Started Once connected, open games and map buttons in settings as desired. Console-style controls for mobile gaming.
Troubleshooting Tips Ensure Bluetooth is on, restart devices, check battery charge, follow proper pairing steps, remove existing pairings and retry.

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FAQs ( Connect a Gaming Controller )

Q: What types of controllers work with Android phones?

A: PlayStation, Xbox, and Android gaming controllers with Bluetooth support.

Q: Do I need any extra accessories to connect a controller to my phone?

A: Only a USB OTG adapter if connecting wired. Bluetooth connects wirelessly.

Q: My controller won’t pair with my Android phone, what should I do?

A: Ensure Bluetooth is on. Restart devices. Check battery charge. Follow proper pairing steps. Remove existing paired devices and retry.

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