How to Recover lost data From your Android Phone

Recovering Deleted Data from Your Android Device

How to Recover lost data From your Android Phone. Remember to delete important data from your Android device. Don’t worry! This guide contains three easy ways to recover deleted Android and tablet data. Everyone has been in a situation when they erase a file from their Android smartphone only to find they still need it.

Fear when you check your Gallery, Downloads, or other folders and you can’t find the file you just deleted, and it throws up. Don’t worry; all is not lost! Deleted data can be recovered from Android if you work quickly and don’t overwrite data. Three easy techniques to help you restore your lost data are covered in this post.

Check the Recycle Bin on your Android Device

Delete your Android phone or tablet data, which will be recovered for a while. Deleted files are first moved to the Recycle Bin or Recycle Bin, remaining temporarily before being permanently deleted.

In 6.0 Marshmallow and later, it includes a recycle bin called “Recycle Bin” that stores deleted files for 30 days. How to enter:

  • Go to the menu and tap on “Files” (may be called “Go Files” or “My Files”)
  • This opens the file manager – find the “Export” folder and tap on it.
  • You should see a recently deleted file there – press hold on to any file and select “Back” to return to the starting position.

If you use Android 5.0 or an older version, your phone may not have a recycle bin. However, you can add this function by downloading an app like Dumpster or Recycle Bin. Since deleted files won’t remain in the Recycle Bin indefinitely, moving them promptly while they are still there is important. However, the best course of action for retrieving lost data is scanning as soon as a file is deleted.

Use a Data Recovery App

Use a different data recovery application if the required data recovery is not accessible on the device. There are many free options on Google Play. We recommend Disk Digger Photo Recovery as a good starting point.

Here’s how data recovery apps work to save deleted files:

  • When data is erased, the old address is not instantly replaced with fresh information. It is only accessible for upgrades.
  • Data recovery applications search your device’s storage for deleted data that has not yet been overwritten.
  • After locating the lost information and retrieving it, the data must be recovered to make it as feasible to rebuild.

How to Recover lost data From your Android Phone

The more quickly you reinstall and run the app after deleting the data, the more likely you will return. The longer you wait, the more likely the data portions will be written over. With DiskDigger and other apps, you can dig deeper into rescuing lost files, folders, movies, music, audio, pictures, and other data types. But waiting to write new data into memory would be best until the scan is done.

Test your app’s cloud and backup storage.

Even if the other ideas don’t work, there is still hope. You can get a copy of your files that have been shared or backed up to the cloud. Some apps have backups, which can save the day. Check cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox to see if your deleted files are downloaded and available in the cloud. Likewise, apps like WhatsApp store conversation history and notifications in Google Drive. You can see that some files like photos, text, videos or app files, and deleted files can still be used in different cloud or backup apps.

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While accidentally deleting data can be frustrating, many good ways to recover lost data from Android devices exist. Remember to check your trash in the Files app or someone else’s trash first. You can use a recovery application such as DiskDigger to check your device storage for corrupted files. And finally, consider using cloud storage and specialized backup apps as additional resources to restore lost data.

If you take action as soon as you find lost data, your chances of successfully recovering Android data can improve significantly. You can recover your lost data and avoid digital destruction with a little effort.

FAQ “Recover lost data From your Android

Can I permanently recover deleted data from Android?

It won’t be easy to fully restore if data is removed from the backup or filled with new data. However, data recovery can sometimes find corrupt files that can be used to restore partially deleted files. The result depends on how much data was written to the original location of the deleted file.

What is the best Android data recovery app?

Popular options include DiskDigger, Dumpster, Recuva, UndeleteMyFiles Pro, and EaseUS Data Recovery. Easily recover photographs, movies, data, and more with the help of the well-known program DiskDigger.

Where is data deleted from Android?

Deleted files are first moved to the Recycle Bin or Recycle Bin, where they can be easily recovered. Soon they will be permanently deleted. Android uses a free space marker on its storage drive to determine which areas can be overwritten by deleted files.

Can I restore factory-deleted files?

No, factory reset erases all recovery data. Erasing the storage drive and restoring factory settings will erase all user data, including deleted files. So, recover deleted files before doing a factory reset.

Is it possible to recover permanently deleted photos from Android?

It is possible with data recovery software as long as disk space is not overwritten. The impact, however, is influenced by the image’s size and the volume of fresh data present in a certain location. Small images should be good luck.

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