11 Fixing No Sound on Android Video Playback – Simple Steps 2024

It can be incredibly frustrating when you play a video on your phone to enjoy or to seek some knowledge and find out that there is no sound on Android videos. If you can’t hear the audio in any video, it automatically makes it useless. Sometimes, having headphone mode issues can also cause no sound. As the phone thinks you are using headphones. Fortunately, many simple solutions can solve no Sound On Android Videos. This guide covers the major reasons why you may experience no audio on videos on an Android phone, along with the top solutions to fix the problem. Follow the troubleshooting methods here to get your videos playing with sound again.

Common Causes of No Sound on Android Videos

Before you can fix the no sound problem, this helps to understand why it’s happening in the first place. Here are some of the most common reasons Android videos have no audio:
  • Software glitch: A bug or error in the Android OS or video app can cause sound to fail. Rebooting usually fixes temporary software glitches.
  • Incorrect settings: The sound or media volume may have been turned off or lowered accidentally via the device settings.
  • Headphone mode: If the phone thinks headphones are connected when they aren’t, it will send sound only to the “headphones” and not the speakers.
  • App issues: Problems with the video player app, codec conflicts, or corrupted data can lead to audio fails. Updating the app or clearing cache/data for the app generally helps.


Compelte Solutions

  • Hardware problem: Faulty speakers, headphone jack, or volume buttons could prevent sound from working properly on videos. May require professional repair.
11 Fixing No Sound on Android Video Playback - Simple Steps 2024

Some Extra Causes that may cause No Sound on Android Videos

  • External speaker: If you are playing video audio through an external Bluetooth speaker or other device, connectivity issues may be the problem.
  • Damaged audio drivers: The software that controls audio on the device could be corrupted or malfunctioning. Updating drivers or resetting the phone may help.
  • Disconnected headphone wire: If using wired headphones, a loose headphone jack connection could be interrupting the audio signal.
  • App permission issues: The video app may not have been granted permission to access audio components. Enabling permissions in settings can fix this.
  • Outdated video format: Very old or obscure video formats may not play nicely with the phone’s supported codecs. Converting the video to a more standard format could help.
  • Low storage space: If your phone’s storage is nearly full, it can cause lagging and audio failures for apps and media. Try freeing up space.
  • Phone model incompatibility: Some video files may have issues playing sound on specific Android models due to hardware constraints.
  • Wrong regional settings: Having incorrect region selected in your device settings can cause problems with audio codecs and video formats.
  • Overloaded processor: Too many background apps running can overload the CPU and lead to choppy or absent audio. Close unused apps.
  • WiFi/data connectivity: Poor internet connection quality while streaming videos can interrupt or stop audio delivery.
WiFi/data connectivity Outdated video format
So if you aren’t getting any sound when trying to play videos on your Android phone, the issue likely stems from one of these common causes. Keep these in mind as you try troubleshooting the no sound problem.

Step-by-Step Solutions to Restore Sound on Android Videos

Here we have discussed some step by step solutions that might help you to solve no sound issue on android videos:

1. Check Volume Settings

Open volume settings and make sure the media volume slider hasn’t been turned down or muted. Also check that your phone isn’t on vibrate only mode. Adjust volume settings higher if needed.

2. Restart Your Android Phone

If sound still isn’t working, reboot your Android device. Hold down the power button for up to 30 seconds to force a phone restart. Restarting will clear any temporary glitches causing no video sound.

3. Test Sound with Other Files

Play another audio or video file on your phone. If sound works for music and other files, the no audio issue is isolated to the problem video file or video player app.

4. Update Video and Audio Apps

Go into Settings > Apps and update any video player apps, audio apps or codecs that are out of date. Old app versions with bugs can cause no sound on videos.

5. Use Safe Mode

Boot your phone into Safe Mode, then try playing the video that has no sound. If sound works in Safe Mode, it’s likely a third-party app causing conflicts and preventing audio.

6. Clear Video App Cache & Data

Open device Settings > Apps > [Video Player] > Storage and tap Clear Cache plus Clear Data. This will reset the app and often resolves sound issues.

7. Check for Headphone Mode

Make sure your phone isn’t stuck in headphone mode, with sound only routing to the headphone jack even when nothing is plugged in. Try different headphones to test.

8. Adjust Video Codec Settings

If the video has no sound due to codec issues, you can try adjusting the video player app settings for how media codecs are handled. Consult the app help docs for instructions.

9. Factory Reset the Android Phone

If all else fails, backup data and do a full factory reset to wipe the phone and restore default settings. This essentially reinstalls the operating system and can fix many sound issues.

10. Contact Your Manufacturer

For hardware-related no sound problems, you may need to contact your Android phone manufacturer, as the issue may require professional repair.
Following these troubleshooting steps should help isolate why your Android phone has no audio on videos and lead you to a solution to get sound working again.
Use Safe Mode Restart Your Android Phone

Preventing No Sound Problems on Android Video Playback

After fixing the current no audio issue with your Android videos, you’ll want to avoid recurring sound fails going forward. Here are some handy tips:
  • Keep your Android OS and video/audio apps updated.
  • Avoid excessive pressure or moisture damage to headphone jack.
  • Do not adjust system/app settings unless you know the outcome.
  • Carefully clean lint/debris from headphone port regularly.
  • Limit use of headphone jack splitters or extenders.
  • Check audio settings before playing new videos.
  • Restart phone before playing important videos.
  • Maintain stable Bluetooth connections if using wireless speaker.
  • Test videos after any major software updates.
  • Always check different headphones and speakers if sound stops.
  • Back up videos regularly in case of file corruption.
Paying attention to these areas will prevent the common causes of no video sound and make sure audio consistently works as expected on your Android phone.

When to Seek Professional Repair

If you’ve tried all troubleshooting suggestions and videos are still playing without sound, it’s time to seek professional phone repair. Repair technicians have advanced tools to test sound components like:
Microscope inspection of headphone jack.
Audio hardware diagnostics to check for speaker failure.
Testing with different headphones, cables, and videos.
Adjusting sound settings at operating system level.
Identifying if motherboard components related to sound are faulty.
Component replacement if speakers, headphone jack, or other parts are damaged.
Professional repair experts can get to the source of why your Android phone has no audio on videos. Seek assistance if you can’t resolve it yourself.


Topic Summary
Causes Software glitches, incorrect settings, headphone mode, app issues, hardware faults, connectivity issues, corrupted drivers, disconnected headphones, outdated formats, low storage, compatibility issues, wrong region settings, overloaded processor, poor internet connection
Solutions Check volume settings, restart phone, test other files, update apps, use safe mode, clear app cache/data, check headphone mode, adjust codec settings, factory reset, contact manufacturer
Prevention Keep software updated, avoid headphone damage, don’t change unknown settings, clean headphone port, limit splitters, check settings before playing, restart before playing, maintain Bluetooth, test after updates, check different headphones/speakers, back up files
When to Repair If troubleshooting doesn’t work, may need professional repair to diagnose hardware faults, test with different components, adjust system settings, replace damaged parts
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FAQs (“No Sound On Android Videos“)

Q1: Why do I suddenly have no sound on my phone? A1: The most likely causes are that your volume was accidentally lowered or muted, or a software glitch has occurred causing an audio malfunction. Try adjusting volume, restarting the phone, or checking for any software updates to restore sound. Q2: How can I test my phone speaker? A2: You can test your phone’s speaker by playing a song or video with known good audio and checking that the sound comes through clearly from the speakers.


Not being able to hear sound when trying to play videos on your Android phone is highly annoying. The problem is usually caused by incorrect settings, software glitches, headphone mode, app issues, or hardware faults. Troubleshoot by checking settings, updating apps, clearing app data, factory resetting the phone, and contacting the manufacturer if needed. Prevent no sound by keeping phone software updated, avoiding headphone port damage, and backing up files. With the right solutions, you can get your Android videos playing with sound again.

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