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How To Turn Off Wifi Calling On Android. When cellular connection is weak, Wifi calls are the lifesaver, but sometimes you might want to Turn Off Wifi Calling On Android for some reason. Here are some steps that can help you turn it off:

Unlocking the Benefits Reasons to Use Wi-Fi Calling on Your Smartphone

Wi-Fi calling rides in like a hero when your cellular network acts more like a zero. This voice over Wi-Fi feature lets you make calls using any available wireless internet connection. So you can chat crystal clearly from locations where cell service is spotty at best.

Most carriers now include this capability standard with no extra fees. They know a strong, uninterrupted call is their best connection to you. Though drops can happen if the Wi-Fi fluctuates, the call quality typically outpaces a weak cellular signal.

Prepaid and budget plans, beware – Wi-Fi calling may cost extra or not be offered at all. So confirm with your provider that you’re covered before transmission fails. With Wi-Fi calling, you can talk, text and not text again due to frustration over a faltering network.

How to Turn Off Wifi Calling On Android Samsung and OnePlus Devices

Connecting calls to Wi-Fi on Samsung and OnePlus phones is just a few taps away. Samsung users can go to their phone’s settings and Turn Off Wifi Calling On Android, or go to the Connections section of the settings and turn the switch off there. OnePlus owners can disable this feature for each SIM card in the “Mobile network” section of the settings.

Bye bye Wi-Fi Calling! This feature channels calls over Wi-Fi, avoiding spotty cellular signals. Great for improving call quality in Wi-Fi-rich but reception-poor areas. Users don’t get charged extra minutes, but prepaid balances can take a hit.

Turn Off Wifi Calling On Android

While convenient, some may want to cut the cord completely for security or when Wi-Fi is scarce. Whatever your reason, freedom from Wi-Fi calling is possible on Samsung and OnePlus phones if you know where to look in Settings. Your calls can once again roam free on cellular networks – for better or worse.

Before letting your calls take the Wi-Fi highway, confirm your carrier AND phone both allow travel. Not all providers or devices have unlocked this feature yet. Android users, check your model supports Wi-Fi Calling to avoid hitting a dead end.

Connect only through secure, speedy Wi-Fi networks if you get the green light. Public hotspots often lack the safety and strength for a smooth call ride. Drop that free coffee shop Wi-Fi to avoid unwanted ears. Limit Wi-Fi Calling to home and office networks protected by passwords and encryption.

Use cellular service when security is uncertain or speeds seem slow. Stay in your carrier’s good graces by disabling Wi-Fi Calling in questionable conditions. Confirm the coastal is clear before continuing your call over Wi-Fi.

Access The Settings Menu

First of all, open the settings of the Android if you are willing to turn off wifi calls.

Open The Connections/Calls Menu

From the Settings menu, select “Connections” or “Network & internet.” The menu on some Android phones may be titled “Calls” or “Calling accounts.”

Select Wi-Fi Calling

Look for an option called “Wi-Fi Calling” or “Calling accounts” in the Connections/Calls/Network & internet menu and tap to open it. You may enable or disable Wi-Fi calls here.

Toggle Off Wi-Fi Calling

Now tap the toggle switch next to Wi-Fi Calls so it turns gray or displays “Off.” It will make use of a cellular network for calls.

Following these quick steps can help manage your connectivity options.

Key Points:

  • Access your phone’s Settings menu
  • Navigate to the Connections/Calls/Network & internet section
  • Find and open the menu for Wi-Fi Call
  • Turn the toggle switch off to disable Wi-Fi calls
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FAQs About (“Turn Off Wi-Fi Calling”)

Q: How can I access the settings to Turn Off Wifi Calling On Android?

A: Select Wi-Fi Calls under Settings > Connections/Calls/Network & internet.

Q: Can I still use the Internet on Wi-Fi after turning off wifi calls?

A: Yes, of course you can. This prevents you from making calls over Wi-Fi.

Q: Does turning off Wi-Fi calls use more cellular data?

A: Potentially yes, as calls will use your cellular plan minutes rather than Wi-Fi data.

Q: How do I turn off Wi-Fi calling on Android?

Silence Wi-Fi calling by toggling it off in Settings. Hit Connections > Wi-Fi calling > flip to off. Or in Phone app > Settings > Calls > disable Wi-Fi calling. Simple switch flipping mutes call routing over Wi-Fi.

Q: Should Wi-Fi calling be on or off on Android?
Let Wi-Fi handle calls to boost clarity in cellular dead zones. But disable when security is sketchy or speeds are sluggish. Toggle the setting depending on your location for optimal call quality without compromise. Use your best judgment on when to let calls ride the Wi-Fi waves.

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