Easy and Effective Ways to Fix Screen Flickering on Android

Facing Screen Flickering on Android while scrolling or for normal use can be very frustrating, but this issue has solutions to fix it.

Is the screen Flickering on your Android phone bugging you?

I get it – a flickering, flashing, or blinking screen is super annoying. But it has some fixes to solve the issue.

First Up: Restart Your Phone

restart your phone

I know it feels like am fooling you but believe me it’s worth it. So give your phone a reboot and see if that helps.

Check for Software Updates

look for updates

If a restart didn’t do the trick, make sure your Android OS and all your apps are fully updated. Sometimes updates fix pesky bugs that cause problems like screen flickering.

Adjust Your Display Settings

Dive into your display settings and toggle off adaptive brightness or any special filters like Night Light or blue light reduction. They can sometimes interfere and cause glitchy behavior.

Clear Out Some Cache


Cache builds up over time and can cause performance issues and display problems. Try clearing the cache partition to give your phone a fresh start.

Switch Off Developer Options

If you or someone else has been tinkering with developer options, that can sometimes mess with system functions. Turn it off just to rule it out as a culprit.

Boot in Safe Mode

Try Safe Mode Screen Flickering on Android

Safe mode loads Android using only the essential apps and services. If the flickering stops in safe mode, then a third-party app is likely the offender.

Check for Damage

Flickering can also happen if there’s physical damage to the display or internals. Inspect your phone carefully for any drops, cracks or water exposure. If you spot damage, contact the manufacturer about repair options.

Factory Reset as a Last Resort

If you’ve tried everything else with no success, a factory reset can wipe out software gremlins. Backup your stuff first though, as you’ll lose all data!

Get Support if Needed

Hopefully, with some troubleshooting, you’ll get things back to normal. After doing all if stills it doesn’t work then I suggest you to reach out to professionals.

I am here for you all the time just leave a comment if you have any queries.

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FAQs (“Screen Flickering on Android“)

Why is my phone screen flickering?

Outdated software, display settings, problematic apps, or physical damage.

How do I stop my Android screen from flashing or blinking?

Restart the phone, update software/apps, adjust display settings, clear cache, disable developer options, and boot in safe mode.

My phone screen keeps blinking – is my Android broken?

Not necessarily. Try troubleshooting first before assuming it’s broken. Flickering can often be fixed with software updates, setting changes, etc. If not, physical damage is likely.

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